. Ra The Egyptian sun god was also considered the creator of the heavens and the earth, including the underworld, and of all visible things. He is credited with the creation of the eight great gods, and the human race from his tears. Usually depicted as a human with a falcon or ram head. The sun was either his eye or his body. He traveled the sky every day, passing over the lands and then going into the underworld. Ra also stopped wars between humans because he was too decent to let them perish. He may be invoked for cat magick.

Rafu-Sen Japanese goddess of plum blossoms.

Raiden Japanese thunder god. He likes to devour navels so children must be dressed to cover their stomach.

Raiden Atzhie The supreme god and ruler over all the gods, men, and things in the world. The first person in a trinity of Raiden-Attje, Raiden-Akka, Raiden-Kiedde, who is his son. The Lapps, Northern Europe

Raiden-Kiedde The creator of all things. Son of Raiden Atzhie. He provides the soul or human spirit to Maddar-akko to care for until the body is formed when she turns it over to Sar-Akka to deliver to the mother. The Lapps, Northern Europe

Raitubu A son of Taaroa who at Taaroa’s instigation, created the skies, the earth, and the seas. Windward Islands, Polynesia

Rajah Gantallah The unformed original being ”possessed of a soul with organs for hearing, speaking, and seeing” who ”rested upon a lumbu” (which is interpreted as a serpent-dragon). Through his will he created two birds, male and female, who, again through his will carried out the rest of creation. The Dyaks of Sakarran, Borneo

Raja Pantha The highest of the gods of the Bhils who improved conditions in the world and whose chief queen is Rani Pandhar. He is the son of Taria Baman. India

Raja Sua Among the Iban he is the creator of the heavens and earth with Pulang Gana, and also a god of the earth and giver of good crops. Borneo
Raja Tontong Matanandau, Kanarohan Tambing Kabanteran Bulan ”prince of the sun, king of the moon.” A name of the supreme being. The Ngaju, Borneo

Raluvhimba The supreme being and creator, who is a god of the heavens and all its phenomena, brings the rains but also sends drought and floods. Sometimes identified with Mwari. The Venda, the Shona, South Africa and Rhodesia

Ran Norse (Scandinavian) goddess of storms. She ruled the realm of the dead and was wife of Aegir. She was vicious and destructive. She symbolizes the element of water.

Rangi The personified sky, and Papa, the earth, formed the primordial pair who were brought into existence by Io. The Maori, New Zealand

Rañiñhuenu The supreme being who, during the rites held at the winter solstice, was invoked ”for general welfare during the year.” The Araucanians, Argentina and Chile

Rarang The invisible and remote benevolent high spirit, the male principle. The sun ”is the only visible form of his power and activity.” The Kaean, New Guinea

Rarite A creator, founder of the E Wawe clan. The Shavante, Brazil

Rati Hindu goddess of love and wife of Kama, the god of love.

Rauni Finnish thunder goddess. Forest mother, spirit of the mountain ash. She was one of the most powerful deities and wife of the god of thunder. Invoke during childbirth for a painless and safe delivery.

Renenutet Egyptian goddess who took care of children. Also known as Renenet

Renpet Egyptian goddess of the year, youth, and spring. Portrayed as a woman wearing a palm shoot on her head.

Reshpu Near Eastern (Syrian) god of thunderbolts and lightning. Associated with prosperity and eternity.

Ribimbi The creator of heaven and earth and the giver of rain. The Tonga, Mozambique

Rimmon The ”supreme god of the Syrians od Damascus,” where he was identified with the sun god Hadad. A Near Eastern (Babylonian-Assyrian) storm god. Also symbolizes the element air, love, and fertility. Also known as Rammon, Rammanus, and Adad.

Rimpoche The creator of the world. The Lepchas, Sikkim

Rishi Salgong The high god who lives in the heavens. The Garos, India

Robboqua The supreme being of the Gumuz. Ethiopia

Robigo Roman goddess of grain. Her name means "mildew", and she was especially worshipped to protect the wheat crops from mildew during damp seasons.

Rog The benevolent creator god who required no propitiation but who ”was invoked in case of hostile invasions.” Senegal/Gambia

Rohita ”originally an epithet of the sun, figures in the Atharvaveda as a separate deity in the capacity of a Creator.” India

Roma Roman goddess of Rome itself.

Ru The supreme being who is identified with the sun. The Yendang, Nigeria

Rua-hatu A supreme deity, with Tane. Mo’orea, Society Islands, Polynesia

Rua-tupua-nui A creator god of the Society Islands. Ra’iatea, Son of Ra’a and Tu-papa. Wives: ‘Ere’ere-fenua, Atea-ta’o-nui, and Hina-te-‘iva’iva. Polynesia

Rubanga, Rubongo The supreme being of the Alurs who has the power to create, is little worshipped. Zaire and Uganda

Rudra He was created by Brahmā as an androgyne; then divided himself into male and female as instructed by Brahmā. Daska made the female half his daughter and hen returned her to Rudra for his wife (to remove the implication of incest). He is also a storm god and wind god.
"We implore Rudra
Lord of the songs,
the lord of animal sacrifices
for health, wealth, and his favor."


Rugaba The supreme being who had Irungu fashion the earth. He, himself, created men and cattle and is the source of all things, good and evil, can also take them away. Tanzania

Ruhanga The remote creator and sky god is not worshipped, though among the Bahuma he is the arbiter of life, sickness, and death. The Bahuma, the Nyoro, the Bambwa, the Banyoro, the Ankore. Uganda

Rumina Roman goddess of child and animal suckling.

Rumrok A name of the supreme being. The Didayis, Orissa, India

Rurema (1)The supreme being of the pygmies of Lake Kivu. Zaire (2)The creator god of the Barundi. Burundi

Ruwa The supreme being of the Chagga is associated with the sun, determines destinies, but is merciful and tolerant. Tanzania


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