. Cabhuil The Supreme Being, Heart of Heaven, pre-existent to its creation of the cosmos, of heaven and earth, became essentially otiose (involved only with the universe), delegating the active roles and works to his ”sons and Hypostases,” who must meet and counsel on each creative act. The are:”Tzakol, Bitol, Tepeu, Gucumatz, Alom, and Cajolom, the formative aggregate of the Creator god or god-Seven.” They are ”no more than vital extrusions of It itself.” The Quiché Maya, Guatemala

Cacoch, Kacoch A remote creator god of the Maya. Central America

Caddi Ayo The supreme being of the Caddoan Indians. Texas

Caelus Roman god of heaven. Cagjolom One of the four regent gods of the quarters of the cosmos, of directions, with Tzacol (Tzakol), Bitol, Alom. Through their mediation they brought about ”the birth of light” material and spiritual. He is an hypostasis of Cabahuil as creator god-Seven. The Quiché, Guatemala

Cagn, Kaang The mantis god who was the creator or fashioner of all things. His wife was Coti. The Bushmen, Namibia/Lesotho

C’ai A sky god ”the same as Kai, who not very long ago, was almost certainly the Supreme Being of all Gimira peoples.” The Beneso, Ethiopia

Caligo ”Dark,” a primordial being, mother of Chaos. Greece

Callisto Moon goddess. The constellation of the Great Bear was formerly a Greek nymph associated with Artemis. She was ravaged by Zeus and became the mother of Arcas. To protect Callisto, Zeus transformed her into a bear; later took mother and son to the skies forming the constellation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Greek

Camé The god and culture hero of the Bacairis (Carib) represents the sun. Twin of Kéri, the moon. Brazil

Canan Chul Chan The morning star as the guardian of the sky. The Tzeltal (Mayan), Mexico

Camalus "Of the Invisible Sword", "Heaven". Celtic god of war and sky. Similar to Mars, only more vicious.

Cao Dai The ”Supreme Being symbolized by the eye above the altar.” South Vietnam

Čar The god of the sky. The Gimira, Ethiopia

Cara Among some Andamanese he was the first being, the ancestor, who created the earth, sun, moon and caused the earth to be peopled. Adaman Islands, Bay of Bengal

Caragabi The god of the sky of the Uré, Cauca Valley. Among the Choco he is a culture hero/creator deity. Columbia

car cajany The supreme god and creator. The Tartars of Minusinsk, Siberia

Caribou God The supreme deity of the Indians of the Labrador Peninsula who has five names: tepenamwesu (Chief Indian God); kanapenekastciwhiu; utnimatcisu. ”Giver of Food”; pukwicemnimakin, ”Giver of food to hunters”; tcamicuminu, ”Grandfather of all.” His home is in the far north.

Carmen Goddess of spell casting and enchantments. Etruscan

Catha The Etruscan god of the sun is associated with the south and the southeast of the divisions of the sky, also with haruspicy. Italy

Caugh The raven god of the Tsimshians who created the world and all living things. British Columbia

Cel God of death and the underworld. Etruscan

gCer bu lag rdum A planetary god whose attribute is a snake-snare. Tibet

Cerridwen Celtic Moon, Grain and Nature Goddess. Cerridwen's symbol is a white sow. Patron of the poets, greatest of all the bards. She prepared in a cauldron a magical brew, which stewed for a year, would yield three precious drops. These would bestow on the receiver the wisdom of the past, the knowledge of the present, and the secrets of the future. Cerridwen symbolizes luck, element of earth, death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, inspiration, the arts, science, poetry, and astrology/zodiac. Wales

Cerunnos Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. The Horned God is born at the winter solstice, marries the Goddess at Beltane, and dies at the summer solstice. He alternates with the Goddess of the moon in ruling over life and death, continuing the cycle of death, rebirth and reincarnation. Symbolizes element of earth, love, fertility, and luck.

Ceyacatl A Mexican stellar god.

Chabatta Hatartsti One of the names of the supreme being to whom very little attention is paid. The Makah Indians, Washington

Ah Chac Mitan Ch’oc The planet Venus, the morning star. Mayan, Mexico

Chac Aztec and Mayan rain and vegetation god. Also the lord of thunder, lightening, wind, and fertility.

Chaipakomat The sometimes used conjoined name of the two brother creator gods, Tuchaipa and Yokomatis. The Diegueñ, California

Chaitanya A Hindu beggar god.

Cha-kal-le The supreme being, a ”negative being” with little active attributes. The Pomo, California

Chal-chal The sun. The Igorot, Philippines

Chama Hindu god of young love.

Chambi The supreme sky god who controls the rains and the lightning, ”whose voice is the thunder.” Zaire

Chando The sun god and supreme deity of the Santal is invoked in oath taking. India

Chang Ch’i An evil God, the star Ti-yu. China

Chang Chih Hsiung God of the star T’ien-hui, of good omen. China

Chang-Fêng God of the star Tsuan-ku. China

Ch’ang Hao God of the star Tao-chên. China

Chang-hko The ”primeval mother” who demands pigs and cattle as sacrifice when there is trouble. The Kachins, Burma

Chang Hsien ”The spirit of the star Chang is supposed to preside over the kitchen of Heaven and to arrange the banquets given by the gods.” He is invoked to counteract the evil influence of the Dog Star, T’ien Kou Hsing. He is also invoked for children. China

Chang-Hsiung Tao-jen The ”god of the constellation Lou. Alternatively with Liu Lung.” China

Chang Huan An evil god of the star Ti-ch’a. China

Chang K’uei God of the star Chi’i-sha. China

Chang Kuei-Fang God of the star Sang-mên. China

Ch'ang O ” Queen of the Moon”Chinese moon goddess who had her palace of Great Cold on the moon.

Chang Shan God of the star T’êng-shê. China

Chan Hsiu A god of good omen, the star T’ien-ku. China

Chandika Hindu goddess of desire.

Chango African orisha of fire, thunder, lightning, rain and masculine fertility. A smooth-talking con artist. His animals are the black cat, tortoise, and the quail. He symbolizes the element of fire, courage, truth, and intelligence. Yoruban

Chantico Aztec goddess of fire, home and fertility. She symbolized pleasure and pain together. Her symbols were a red serpent and cactus spikes. She ruled wealth and precious stones of the earth. Invoke for fire elements, fertility, and domestic matters.

Chanum With Woi-shu, parents of ”all things in heaven and on earth.” The Kachin, Burma

Chao Ch’i God of the star T’ien’shê. China

Chao Pai-Kao The ”god of the constellation Kuei. Alternatively with Wang Pa.” China

Chao Sheng God of the star Yang-jên. China

Ch’ao T’ien God of the star Sui-p’o. China

Chaos A neuter deity, the Void, from whom were born Erebus (also neuter) and Night (feminine). Greece

Chareya The beneficent sky god who created the earth and all living beings. The Cahrocs, California

Chasca, Chaska Qoylyor The god/goddess of the dawn, Venus, the morning star, Protectress of maidens. Inca, Peru

Chata The creator god of the Tonga of Malawi and Zambia.

Chebbeniathan The supreme being and sky god to whom promises are made when hurricanes threaten or thunder is near. Algonquin Indians

Chebongolo The sun. The Kipsigis, Kenya

Chekechani The morning star who lives in the east and is wife of the moon whom she does not feed well so he fades away. The other wife, Puikani, feeds him well and causes him to grow. The Anyanja, Malawi

Ch’ê K’un A god of evil influence, the star Ti-hui. China

Chemin A name of the sky god. The Carib, West Indies

Chemioi A heavenly goddess, wife of Begjag. The Kenta in Kadah, Malay

Ch’ên Chi-Chêng God of the star Mieh-mo; of the star Ti-k’uei (an evil influence) and of the star Ssŭ-ch’i. China

Ch’ên Chün The ”god of the constellation Pi. Alternatively with Chin Sheng-yang.” China

Ch’ên K’an God of the star T’ien-kei, of good omen. China

Ch’ên Kêng God of the star Sui-sha who is associated with the Ministry of Epidemics and alleviates the plague. China

Ch’en Mêng-Kêng An evil god of the star Ti-kou. China

Chenten The god of the day. China

Ch’ên T’ung God of the star T’ien-lo. China

Ch’ên Wu God of the star Yüeh-hsing. China

Ch’ên Yuan An evil influence star god, of the star Ti-wei. China

Chêng Ch’un God of the star Fou-ch’ên. China

Ch'eng-Huang Chinese god of walls and ditches. Each village had their own Ch'eng-Huang.

Ch’êng San-I God of the star T’ien’ch’iao, of good omen. China

Ch’êng-Yüan Tao-Jên The ”god of the constellation Nü. Alternatively with Ching Tan.” China

Chepkeliensokol, Chepelienpokol A name of Asis, the god of the sun. This name implies something many legged—referring ”to the sun’s rays.” The Nandi, Kenya

Cheptalil The benevolent supreme god who is invoked for help. Also called Asista. The Kipsigis, Kenya

Ches The supreme god of the Timote who was associated with the high mountains and the lakes. Venezuela

Ch’ê-Ti Fu-Jen Goddess of the star Yueh-k’uei. China

Cheurfe A supernatural being, a ”comet or shooting star” who is also a cannibal. The Mapuche-Huilliche (Araucanians), Chile

Chhatmata The sun goddess, female counterpart of the sun god and his consort. The Oraons, Bengal

Chhaya ”Shade.” Sister of Sanjna (a wife of the sun), and a substitute wife; mother of Visti by Surya. India

Chi The supreme being and creator conceived of as an earth god or goddess and a sky god as one being with the resulting confusion wherein Chi is sometimes male, sometimes female. The Ibo, the Ekoi, Nigeria

Chia Ch’êng An evil god of the star Ti-yu. China

Chia Fu The ”god of the constellation Shih. Alternatively with Kao-ping Tao-jên.” China

Chia Shih Goddess of the star Mao-tuan. China

Chiang Goddess of the moon, T’ai-yin. China

Chiang Chung An evil god of the star Ti-chên. China

Chiang Huan-ch’u God of the star Ti-ch’ê. China

Chiao Ko God of the star Tsou-shu. China

Chiao Lung An evil god of the star Ti-yin. China

Chi Ch’ang God of the star T’ien-chien, of good omen. China

Ch’i Ch’êng God of the star T’ien-shou, of good omen. China

Chicociagat Associated with Tamagastat and Cipattonal in the creation. The Nicarao of Nicaragua

Chicomecoatl Aztec maize goddess.

Chicuna The supreme god and ”the origin of all things.” Darien, Panama

Chido The supreme being and a sky god is the celestial aspect of a duality. Associated with celestial phenomena, the giver of rain. As the creator he is also known as Ama or Ma and associated with the earth. They are identified with each other yet are considered quite separately. The Jukun, Nigeria

Chieh Shên Hsing Chün A beneficent star—“Controller of God-given Calamities” China

Chieh Wei Hsiao Tsai ”Dispelling Peril (Dipper),” a sky power. China

Chieng The sun god and the supreme god of the Luo, Kenya and Uganda.

Ch’ien Pao God of the star T’ien-i. China

Chien T’ian ”The god of the constellation Wei. Alternatively with Hou-T’ai-i.” China

Chieng The supreme god and the sun. The Juo, Kenya

Chigo-na-ay The twelve suns of the Apache: also given in the singular form. Arizona and New Mexico

Chih Jih The god of the day. China

Chih-nii The goddess of the star Alpha in the Lyre.” Daughter of Yu-ti. China

Chih Nü The goddess of weavers ”is generally identified with the constellation…Lyra…or with Vega, its Principle star.” China

Chihuacoatl Aztec goddess of childbirth.

Chi K’ang God of the star T’ien-kou. China

Chikara The otiose creator of all animate and inanimate things. South Rhodesia

Ch’i Kung An evil god, of the star Ti-ch’ang. China

Chilenga The creator god of the Ba-Ila, South Africa

Chimati no Kami God of crossroads and footpaths; the positive creative force of life. A phallic deity. Japan

Chiminigagua, Chimigagua, Ciminagua The omnipotent supreme god and creator of the sun and moon, of all things in the universe. The Chibcha, the Muiscas, Columbia

Chincha Camac The creator god and Tutelary deity of the Chincha. Peru

Chin Ch’êng God of the star Yin-ts’o. China

Chineke, Chi The beneficent chief deity and creatress. She protects from evil and punishes wrongdoers. Ibo, Nigeria

Chineke, Chukwu Abiama The name of Chukwu as the creator of tall things. Igbo, Nigeria

Ching Tan The ”god of the constellation Nü. Alternatively with Chêng-yüan Tao-jên.” China

Ch’in Hsiang An evil god of the star Ti-hsing. China

Chin Nan-tao An evil god of the star Ti-shou. China

Chin Shêng-yang The ”god of the constellation Pi. Alternatively with Ch’ên Chün.” China

Chin Ta-shêng God of the star T’ein-wên. China

Chinun Way Shu A being ”said to have existed before the formation of the world, and to have created all the Nats.” The Kachins, Burma

Chiowotamahke The creator of the earth and of mankind. He flew over the world as a butterfly to find a desirable place for man. His son is Szeukha. The Pima, Arizona

Chipiropa The sky god who controls all celestial and atmospheric phenomena. Panama

Ch’i Shen ”seven spirits of seven stars of the Big Dipper”—worshipped at Ting Hsien. North China

Chi Shu-Chi God of the star Ti-kang. China

Chitra A Hindu goddess of misfortune.

Chitragupta Hindu recorder of the actions of men, a judge who decided whether men would go to heaven or hell.

Chit Shakti The ”all-permeating vital force of the universe.” Among those invoked and propitiated at cremation ceremonies. Kashmir

Chiuku The sun god among the Umundri, Nigeria

Chi-uku, Chi-ukwu, Chikwu The omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient and all-seeing supreme god is the beneficent creator who provides the rain, gives mankind the power to create and his personal life-force. Agwù Nsî, Ubu, Ulaasi, Ekweñsu, Òsebùlụwà—all is Chukwu. The Ibo, the Igbo, Nigeria

Chiuta The supreme being and the creator of all things; also associated with rain. The Tonga, the Tumbuka, Malawi and Rhodesia

Chiu T’ien Hou Mu The ”Empress Mother of Heaven.” China

Chloe Demeter's name as protector of spouts. Greek

Cholas The supreme being whose eyes are the stars and lives in the sky. He is all-seeing and all-knowing; punitive measures are disease and death, The Alacaluf, Tierra del Fuego

Chons God of the moon. The best-known story about him tells of him playing the ancient game sennet ("passage"). against Thoth, and wagering a portion of his light. Thoth won, and because of losing some of his light, Khons cannot show his whole glory for the entire month, but must wax and wane. Egypt

Chuang-Mu Chinese goddess of the bed and sexual delights.

Chuen The creator god of the Maya. Central America

Chuewut Ma-cki The god who created the earth and all things. Apparently a variant spelling of Chiowotmahke. The Pima and Papago Indians, Arizona

Chuh Kamuy The ”Goddess of Sun and Moon…mediates between the Ainu and other deities….The sun…(daytime moon), and the moon…(dark moon), are considered the same female deity, who is the most important of all sky deities.” Sakhalin

Chu Jung Chinese god of fire executions. Embodies justice, revenge, death, and the element of fire.

Chuku Oke Abiama The supreme god of the Oratta tribe. The Ibo, Nigeria

Chum-dende The supreme deity of the Sherpas. Nepal

Chunchon The supreme god. Korea

Chun-t’i The Buddhist goddess of light, of the dawn, is protective against wars. China

Chup Kamui The sun god whose wife is the moon, though sometimes the name stands for both. He supplies the people with their subsistence. The Ainu, Japan

Churiya The god of the sun is associated with the east. The Coorgs, India

Chusor Phoenician god who ”created the cosmic egg which he then split into heaven and earth.” He is also said to be a god of the sea with Asherat and a god ruling over the seasons.

čičel siem The supreme god and creator of the worlds of the Upper Stalo Indians. British Columbia

Cinteotl Aztec god of corn, also had female forms. Took over the place of Chicomecoatl. Was always protected by water gods.

Cipattonal, Cipattoval Wife of Tamagostad (Tamagastat) and with him the supreme beings and creators of all things. The Nicarao, the Nahua, Nicaragua

Cisumphi The creator god of the Matengo. Malawi

Cit Chac Co Mayan war god.

Citlalinicue (female) and Citlallatónac ”she of the starry skirt” and ”celestial body which illuminates things” are a duality of Ometéotl, represented as causing the stars to shine at night and as ”identified with the sun” by day—the source of light and life. Aztec, Mexico

Coatlicue Aztec mother goddess, a giver of life. She was positive and negative and therefore had the ability to bless or punish. Often shown as a woman with claws and a skirt of snakes. Symbolizes the moon.

Cocijo The supreme god was a jaguar god, a god of water and of rains, and a god of the year. The Zapotec, the Monte Alban, Mexico

Colop-u-uich-kin God of the solar eclipse. Mayan, Mexico and Guatemala

Comus God of revelry, drinking, and feasting. Etruscan

Con, Coniraya A solar deity, a creator, and a culture hero, the son of the Sun, who came as a creator god and introduced ”agricultural terracing and irrigation,” but was later dissatisfied and ”converted the region to desert and disappeared.” Among the Huarochiri he shared creative activities with Pariacaca. Called Con on the coast. Peru

Copia Goddess of wealth plenty. Etruscan

Copichja The sun god was associated with the macaw. The Zapotec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Coquihuani The god of light to whom in Tlalixtao sacrifices of ”boys and men…quetzal feathers, dogs and blood” were made. The Zapotec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Coqui Xee, Coquixilla The god of infinity—”a supreme force or principle,…without ‘beginning or end…’…. All deities were aspects, attributes, or reflections” of Coqui Xee. He was also called Pije Xoo, or Pijetao, as Time, or its source, as he ruled over ”the thirteen gods of the Zapotec sacred calendar.” Oaxaca, Mexico

Corvus A messenger god. Etruscan

Cotaá A beneficent sky deity who created the earth and ”Maintained the sun, moon, and stars in their courses and made the earth fruitful.” The Macobi of the Chaco tribes, Bolivia and Paraguay

Cotokinunwu The sky god is associated with the lightning as his symbol. The Hopi, Arizona

Cotsipamapoy An ”old woman…made the whole country.” The Southern Paiute Indians

Coyocop-chill The supreme spirit and the ”author of all things.” The Natchez, Mississippi

Coyolxuahqi "Golden Bells". Aztec moon goddess. Symbolizes element of fire, the moon.

Coyote (1) The supreme being among the Coastal Miwok, California. (2) The creator deity, sometimes working alone, sometimes collaborating with another, and among some the source of the imperfections found in man. He also has trickster characteristics among the Pomo and the Maidu. The Achomawi, Maidu, Miwok, Pomo, and Kuksu of California; The Papago of Sonora, Mexico

Cuaiguerry The omniscient chief god of the Achagua. Venezuela and Colombia

Cuauhtemoc The name of Tonatiuh as the rising sun. Mexico

Cuauhtlehuanitl The name of Tonatiuh as the setting sun. Mexico

Cuerohperi, Cueravaperi The mother goddess, the creatress, who gave birth to all the features of the earth, the animals, and mankind. She represented the female creative principle. She was a goddess of fertility who sometimes-sent famine and drought, was offered human hearts in sacrifice. The Tarascans, Michoacans, Mexico

Cuhui God of light, son of Nexhequiriac. The Trique tribe, Oaxaca, Mexico

Cukun The supreme being and the creative principle. The name for Pon in the Tindra dialect. The Yakaghir, Siberia

Cumbanama The remote supreme god who is not worshipped. Also called Neche. The Jivaro, Peru/Ecuador

Curicaveri, Curicaueri, Curicaneri A sun god who takes the form of a white eagle. Some consider he created the Sun (Huriata), that he was a god of the beginning. He was a god protective of the kings and warriors. The Tarascan, the Chichimec, Mexico

Cuta The creator god of the Ambo. Zambia

Cybele Great Mother of the Gods. She ”was sprung from the earth, originally a bisexual deity but then reduced to a female.” She is the leading deity of the Greek mystery religions. Symbolizes the element air and fertility. Greece/Phrygia, Near East

Cyhiraeth Celtic goddess of streams, her scream foretells death.

Cytherea Another name for the Greek love goddess Aphrodite. See also Aphrodite. Greece


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