. Ta’aroa Self-existent creator god of the other gods, of the earth and of all things. Tahiti, Ra’iatea, Polynesia

Tabui Kor (also Ne Kidong) The creator goddess, mother of Tilik and Tarai. New Britain, Melanesia

Tagalon The creator and supreme god ”became relegated to the sky.” On Niue he is also a god of war. Samoa and Niue, Polynesia. Same as Tangaroa, Ta’aroa Kanaloa

Tahea A god of the creation group known only because he is mentioned in the sacred chants. The Marquesas, Polynesia

T’ai I ”The Great One. The Great Unity…is represented as the highest of the Heavenly Genii, the Ruler of the Five Celestial Sovereigns…. Hence he is of the same rank as Shang Ti, the Supreme Being.” China

T’ai-Kih ”The ‘Most Ultimate,’ which produced the cosmic souls Yang and Yin, male and female, heaven and earth, warmth and cold, light and darkness.” China

Taikomol The supreme deity and creator god was identified with the moon and the sun. He introduced their ceremonies. The Yuki, northern California coast.

Taio Aia The supreme god to whom human sacrifice was made. Austral Island, Polynesia

T'ai-Yueh-Ta-Ti Chinese god of the affairs of men, protected humans and animals. Symbolizes fortune, fate, destiny, children, animals, karma, prosperity, protection, and success.

Takami-Musubi The second of the three creating deities to materialize—the others, Ame-no-Minaka-Nushi and Kammi-Musubi. Japan

Tamagisambach The chief god ”who governs and inhabits the south.” His wife is Taxankpada Agodales. Formosa

Tamagostad With his wife Cipattonal the supreme celestial pair and creators of all things, having culture hero attributes as well. Nicaragua

Tamaioit Twin brother of Mukat. They created the earth, and after it was stabilized, the plants and animals. Each worked individually to create people, but Mukat’s provided the better as he was more careful. Disgruntled, Tamaioit returned to the darkness, taking all of his creations with him. The Cahuilla, California

Tamakaia On some islands of the New Hebrides a god who with Maui-tikitiki created the world and all things.

Tamara The supreme being of a hinterland clan of the Biloforn dialect; ”considered female in the Okita lineage.” Niger Delta, West Africa
Tamayowut The Earth, the female principle. With Tukomit, her brother, the creators through birth, of the things and features of the world—animate and inanimate. The Luiseño Indians, California. Among the Cahuilla it is Tamaioit and her brother Mukat.

Tamon Japanese god of the north and luck.

Tamosi The supreme being and creator who provides food in abundance. The Caribs, Guiana

Tamukujen The omnipresent and omniscient high god and creator who is associated with the rains. The Didinga, Sudan and Ethiopia

Tamuno The female creative principle who is both creatress of the world and also of the individual, joining his spirit to his body, determining his destiny, and seeing that the bond is maintained until the fate is fulfilled. The Kalabari of the Niger Delta. The Ijaw, Nigeria

Tane The supreme being, the ”creator of the heavens” and ”the male generative force of creation.” His sacred name was Eri Eri. He and Na’ Vahine had three sons, Tanaroa, Rono, and Tu, and three daughters, Rata, Tapo, and Hina. Hawaii. In other areas of Polynesia Tane’s functions varied.

Tangae ”Gasping,” with Anu the primeval pair who produced the evolutionary deities of the creation myths. The Marquesas, Polynesia

Tangaloa, Tangaroa A primordial creator god of Tonga, Samoa, Ellice Island, Wallis Island, Polynesia. In other areas he has numerous other functions.

Tangaloa-fa’a-tutupu-nu’u An emanation of Tangaloa as ”Creator of lands.” Samoa, Polynesia

Tangar The supreme deity of the Yakuts. Siberia

Tangaroa-Upao-Vahu A sky god in their creation myth who ”created the earth from rocks thrown into the void from the sky.” Also created the other gods and mankind. Samoa. Elsewhere he was a god of the sea. Polynesia

Tano (1)A bisexual sky and fertility deity who receives powers from the planets and the fertile earth. The Akan, Ghana. (2) A river god of the Ashanti who is credited with the creation, Ghana

Tanuva The supreme deity of the Yamana who is female. Tierra del Fuego

Ta Pedn, Tapern, Ta Ponn The supreme being and creator is also a sky and weather god, and a god of the wind. He is considered beneficent and omniscient as to men’s actions. His name and his relationships vary among the different tribes: wife—Jalang, Jamoi, Manoid; parents—Kukah and Yak Takel, Tang-ong and Yak Manoid; brothers—Bajiaig, Kari (Karei), Kalcegn. The Semang, Malay Peninsula. Among the Jehai he is the creator god.

Tapio Finnish god of water and woods. Invoke to have an abundance of game when hunting.

Tapuppa The female of the primeval pair (stone deities) and mother of Totorro, Otaia, and Oru. Tahiti, Polynesia

Tara "Queen of Physicians". Hindu, Buddhist. The first female Buddha and a teacher of the gods. Protectress against fears that block people from happiness. She saves those who call her name when they are suffering or need her help. Symbolizes wishes and health.

Taras The supreme god of the Tarascos. Michoacan, Mexico

Targitaos A Scythian primeval being, father of Kolaxais, Lipoxais, and Arpoxais.

Taronhiawagon, Tha-ron-hya-wa’-kon The supreme god of the Onondaga Indians (Iroquois) who lives in the sky, is beneficent and ”solicitous” of mankind. Eastern United States

Tasheting The ”benevolent creator-god” who also formed their ”ancestral parents…from the ice of its glaciers.” The Lapchas, Sikkim

Tätä Dios The creator god of the Warihio Indians. Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico

Tata lat kola ”Grandfather Sun…the male principle” revered and invoked for help in numerous difficulties. Watubela Island, Indonesia

Tatara-Rabuga The pr-existent creator god who sent Nosty-Nopantu, a goddess, to create the earth. He them placed the sun and moon in the sky, created the wind to dry the earth (with the sun), and then created animals, man, and all other things. The Garos, India

Tatihi A god of the creation group known only because mentioned in the sacred chants. The Marquesas, Polynesia

Tat Opakwa, Tiolele The old creator god of the Cuna Indians. San Blas, Panama

Tatuma The male primeval stone deity, with Tapippa the parents of Totorro (”who was killed and divided into land”), Otaia, and Oru. Tahiti, Polynesia

Tazitzete The High God who created Caragabi, the creator/culture hero of the Chocó. Colombia

tcamicuminu ”Grandfather of all”—one of five names of the supreme deity of the Davis Inlet and Barren Ground Islands. Labrador

Tcementu The creator god, without form, who is beneficent and controls the universe. No need for worship. The Naskapi, Labrador

Tcuwut Makai With Siûû he controls the universe. He rules over the winds and the weather. ”Earth Magician.” The Pima, Arizona and New Mexico

Te-ake-ia-roe ”The root of all existence,” the deity of the very beginning. Mangaia, Hervey Islands, Polynesia

Te Atua The beneficent supreme being of the Tokelau Islands. Polynesia

Teave The primordial, androgynous supreme being—”the Father-Mother and regent over the Kings of heaven and Tane was the Son.” Also father of Mauriora, I’o. Hawaii

Te Bo Ma Darkness, of the abstract evolutionary process. With Te Maki—”Their descendants were Void, Night, Daylight, Thunder, and Lightning, as well as the Younger Naruau.” Micronesia

Te Hainggi-atua The supreme and principle god and the god of thunder to whom first-fruit offerings are made of taro and yams. Rennell Island, Polynesia

Tekh An early god who with others, among them Thoth, ”planned the world.” Egypt

Tellus Roman goddess of the world, protector and developer of sown seeds.

Tellus Mater Ancient Roman earth goddess.

Temauk(e)t The beneficent and always-existent supreme being and creator of the heaven and earth. He is the source of the moral code and punishes infractions with illness and death. The Selknam, the Ona, Tierra del Fuego

Tenantomni, Tenantomwan The creator deity ”is often identified with the Big-Raven (Kuyqinnaqu) who represents the chief Deity.” The Koryak, Siberia

Tenatila The god to whom the original creation is attributed. The Nahane Indians (Upper Laird Kaska), western Canada

Tenga The earth goddess in upper Senegal is the powerful and supreme deity associated with Wends, the sky. She is a goddess of morality and justice who avenges wrong-doing. The Mossi, Upper Volta and Senegal

Tengere, Kaira Kan The supreme god of the Altaians, but not as popular as Bai Ulgan. Siberia

tepenamwesu One of the five names of the Caribou god, the supreme being of the Davis Inlet and Barren Ground bands. Labrador

Tepeu With Gucumatz the Mayan creator deities. The Quiché, Guatemala

Terhopfo, Kepenopfo The creator deity of the Angami (Nagas), India.

Te Rongo An androgynous deity—”besides being endowed with a most impressive phallus, he has, on his chest, three small figures, and above these figures, two small, but well-defined female breasts….The three figures…represent his sons emerging from his breast, that is from himself.” Polynesia

Tetoo The primary, among several, of the creator gods, who created the earth and sky. His wife is Haka. The Marquesas, Polynesia

Te Vaerua ”The breath, or The life.” The second deity of the very beginning—after Te-ake-ia-roe. Hervey Island, Polynesia

Tezcatlipoca A Toltec god adopted by the Aztec known also in Yucatan. A god with many functions he is ”One of the gods of creation, associated with Huitzilopochtli, with the night sky…with darkness and destruction.” Mexico

Thairgin ”Dawn.” a name of the supreme being. The Koryak, Siberia

Thakur, Thakur Jiu, Dhorom The supreme god and creator of the world, sometimes identified with Sing Bonga. The Santal, Bihar, India

Thangjing The chief god of the Moirang and the creator of mankind. Son of Nongshaba and Sarunglaima. Manipur, India

Tha-tha-puli The supreme being of the Wathi-wathi. Southeast Australia

Thetis Greek goddess who had an affair with Zeus. However, Zeus learned that Thetis' son would be more powerful than his father, so he married her off to Peleus. They had a son named Achilles. Thetis attempted to make him immortal by dipping him in the river Styx, but because she held him by the heel, his heel remained his weakness. Thus the allusion to "Achilles' Heel".

Thi:-kong The supreme ruler of heaven, the Jade Emperor, who is protective of the community, and is superior to the various deities of Taoism and Buddhism. Taiwan (Formosa)

Thor Norse (Scandinavian) God of thunder and fighter of giants. Thor was amongst the most powerful and important gods of this pantheon. The sound of thunder was believed to be the rolling of his chariot. He had a magic hammer, which he threw with the aid of iron gloves, like a boomerang, it always returned to his hand. When Christianity was introduced and began to spread throughout Iceland, many Norse gods were quickly diminished. Thor, on the other hand, lived on for quite some time. His symbol, the hammer named Mjollnir, is still common in Nordic artwork. Little silver hammers were made in smith's shops along with Christian crucifixes, and there have been molds discovered with the cross and the hammer side by side. He also lives on in the day of the week named after him -- Thor's day, or as it is commonly known, Thursday. Thor symbolizes protection, defense, safety at sea, agricultural fertility, law, order, and justice. Also known as Thunar, Donner, Thunor, and Donar.

Thora The Great Good Spirit of the Bushmen who supplies rain, abundant food, and good hunting. Botswana

Thwasa An abstract go—”Space.” Iran

Tiamat The sea, of the primeval watery chaos, and Abzu ”the sweet waters,” created the universe and the gods. Enki destroyed Abzu and Tiamat was over come by Marduk. Babylonia

Tien-Hou Aztec Protectress of sailors and others in times of crisis.

Tien-Kuan Chinese god of happiness and well-being.

Tien-Mu Chinese goddess of lightening.

Tiggana, Marrabona The ”spirit of great creative power.” Tasmania

Tiguianes A goddess, ”the creator of the world.” The Gianges of Cotabato, Philippines

Tihmar The benevolent supreme deity and creator. The Tungus, Siberia

Tiki Creator god and cultural teacher of the Marquesas. In Mangareva, the creator. As the creator on Easter Island ”current accounts name Makemake, but in an old chant the feat is credited to Tiki.” Polynesia

Tikxo, Tixo The supreme being and creator of the world and of all things. The Xosa, South Africa

Tillili A variant name of the primordial earth, the consort of Alala. Babylonia

Timei Tinggei The supreme being who is omniscient of men’s misdeeds ”which he punishes with bad crops…and other disasters.” The Bahau of Mahakam, Borneo

Timilhou The supreme being and creator, the equivalent of Alhou. The Sema Nagas, Assam

Tinantumghi The Creator. The Chukchi, Siberia

Tingang Also called Raja Tontong Matanandau, Kanarohan Tambing Kabanteran, ”prince of the sun, king of the moon” with whom Mahatala is identified. The supreme deity, the hornbill, who is the Upperworld, and Tambon or Jata, the Underworld, forms a duality; considered a unity and invoked together. The Ngaju (Dayak), Borneo

Tingwang The supreme god who rules the other gods and spirits. The Zemi Nagas, Assam

Tinia, Tina The Etruscan equivalent of Jupiter, Zeus, the god of the heavens who presides over the north/northeastern segments of the cosmos. He hurled thunderbolts from any part of the heavens, while other gods could hurl them from only certain directions. His wife was Uni. Italy

Tiox Dios (High God)—The equivalent of the ”entire Christian pantheon of dioses…[of] the standard trinity.” He is invoked with Mundo and the Day Lords with offerings and prayers during the training of day-keepers. On pilgrimages to the mountains of the four directions he is invoked with other deities for ”health, adequate rainfall, and protection from lightning, flood, hail, earthquakes, landslides, and fires.” Momostenango, Guatemala

Tipotani The chief god of the Chorotega in Matiari. Nicaragua

Tirawa The Great Spirit, sky god, and creator of the universe and all things was omnipotent and beneficent. The other gods received their directives and powers from him. He revealed the hako ceremony to the priests at the beginning of time. His wife was Atira. The Pawnee, Plains Indians

Ti-Tsang Wang Chinese god of mercy. Wandering in the caverns of Hell, a lost soul might encounter Ti-Tsang Wang, who will do all he can to help the soul escape hell and even to put an end to his eternal round of death and rebirth. Long ago, Ti-Tsang Wang renounced Nirvana so that he could search the dark regions of Hell for souls to save from the kings of the ten underworlds. Once a priest of Brahma (Hinduism), he converted to Buddhism and himself became a Buddha with special authority over the souls of the dead.

Tiw A sky god of the Anglo-Saxons and in England a creator god.

Tlaloc Aztec god of growth, making plants sprout. He was a hard god to please as he required constant human sacrifice. God of fertility, thunder, water, mountains, rain, hail. Also known as Tlaloque.

Tlazolteotl Aztec goddess of the crescent moon. Often referred to as the dirt goddess. A horrendous aspect of the goddess. She rode naked on a broom holding a red snake and a blood stained rope.

Tloque Nahuaque The invisible, omnipresent supreme deity and creator of the world. An androgynous deity, the ”principle of generation.” Also known as Ometéotl, Ometechutli /Omecíhuatl, Citlallatonac/Citlalincue, Tonacatecuhtli/Tonacacíhuatl. Aztec, Mexico

togo mušun The chief deity, goddess of the fire and of the tent, Protectress of the clan. The Evenki (Tunguso-Manchurian), Siberia

Tomingatoo The supreme being of the Wapiana. Guiana

Tonacacíhuatl and Tonacatecuhtli The primordial creative female and male principle, as manifestations of Ometéotl, are named as the parents of the four brothers—the cosmic powers or forces: Tlatauhqui, Tezcatlipoca, Yayauhqui Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcóatl, or Yoalli Ehecatl, and Ometéotl, or Maquizcóatl, or Huitzilopochtli. Known as Lord and Lady ”of our flesh (of our sustenance)” it is to their house, Chichihuacuauhco, that children go when they die. Aztec, Mexico

Tonige The moon, the supreme being among some Iduwini people of the Okun Ijaw dialect. Niger Delta, West Africa

Topoko The supreme being among les Toussians du Nord. Upper Volta

Toquichen The beneficent supreme being and creator is the protective governor of all things. The Araucanians of the Pampa, Argentina.

Torai The Great spirit of the Mru. India

Tore The supreme being of the Lego. Zaire and Sudan

Tororut The supreme being, the sky, created the earth and punishes sins by inflicting cattle diseases and other disasters. His wife is Seta, sons are Arawa and Ilat, daughter Topogh. The Suk, Kenya

Tosa, Tuossa The supreme being of the Walamo and the Kullo. Ethiopia

Totilme’il A Mayan dual male/female creator deity of the Tzotzil of Chenalho. Mexico

Touia-a-Futuna, Tou’iafutuna The primordial parent Rock which split apart giving birth to the primeval twins: Biki and Kele, Atungaki and Maimoa-a-Longona, Fonu-uta and Fonu-vai, Hermoana and Lube. Tonga, Polynesia

Tou-Mou Chinese god who was a record keeper, judge, and scribe.

Toyo-ke-o-dae-sin A god of the Dairis who is considered to have created the heaven and the earth. Japan

Toyota Mahime Japanese sea goddess.

Tozi Aztec mother goddess, healing, nature, mother of the gods.

Triglav A three-headed god as ruler over heaven, earth, and the underworld. A black horse was dedicated to him and used in divination to determine the outcome of war expeditions. Slavic Prussia

Tsai-Shen Chinese god of wealth, abundance, and success.

Tsao-Wang Chinese heart god; symbolizes the element of fire.

Tsi-Ku Chinese goddess of the outhouse. Prophecy.

Tsiltsi The supreme god of the Klallam Indians. Washington

Tsosa, Tsossa The supreme being of the Zala. Ethiopia

Tsuni Goam, Tsui-goab The beneficent supreme being, identified with the dawn. He was a god of storms, of thunder and lightning, and was lame, wounded in the knee by Gaunub. His wife was !Urisis, son !Urisib. The Khoi Khoi, South Africa

Tsuossa The supreme being of the Gofa. Ethiopia

Tucapacha, Tucupacha The creator of the universe and of all things. The Michocans, the Tarascans. Among the latter he is also the giver of ”life and death, good and evil fortune.” Mexico

Tuchaipa With his brother Yokomatis, the creators of the world. Known jointly as Chaipakomat. The Diegueño Indians, California

Tuglay and Tuglilbong Primeval beings who ”made all things in the world.” In the beginning the sky was so low it interfered with pounding the rice. Tuglilbong (also called Mona) forced Tugaly to move higher by scolding and pounding with her pestle. He planted the seeds given him by Diwata. The Bagobo, Philippines

Tuhan, Pirman, Peng The god who presides over the universe and has the power of life and death. The Sakai, Malay Peninsula

Tuhan Allah The supreme god, creator of the universe, commanded Raja Brahil to create living things. The Mantra, Malay Peninsula

Tukma, Tokuma The creator of the world, the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The Juaneño Indians, California

Tukmit, Tukomit The male principle. With his sister Tomaiyowit the creator gods, through birth, of all things and features of the world—animate and inanimate. The San Luiseño Indians, California

Tukura The supreme being of the Aluridja. Australia

Tuli Sometimes female, sometimes male, but in any event involved in the creation of the earth and of man. Fiji, Samoa, Polynesia

Tulong The supreme being of the Ta-tathi. Southeastern Australia

Tulugaak, Tulukauguk The raven god who created the earth. Bering Strait Eskimo, Alaska

Tuma The supreme being of the Suri, associated with the sky. Ethiopia

Tumayowit The Earth. With Mukat the creators of the earth and all things on it. She went to live in the underworld. The Cupeño Indians, California

Tuminikar, Tuminkar Benevolent creator god and giver of culture to the Wapisianas (Arawaks) and the Taruma. Twin of the evil Duid. Brazil and Guiana

Tummu The supreme being of the Pibor Murle, identified with the sky and with the rain. Ethiopia

Tumo The supreme being of the Bodi, the Mekan, the Didinga. Southwest Ethiopia

Tumu-iti (female) and Tumu-nui (male) The primal parents from whom the world developed. Paumotu, Society Islands, Polynesia

Tunpa, Iandapoha The creator god of the Chiriguano. Bolivia

Tuoni Aztec god of death and the underworld.

Tupa The chief deity, a god of storms, of thunder and lightning, and was considered an early culture hero who gave them fire and taught them agriculture. The Tupi, the Caingua, Brazil

Tupan The thunder god among the coastal Tupi appears as a creator god. Northeast brazil

Turan ”The Etruscan Venus (Turan) wears the ‘tutulus’, the conical hat which not only is obviously the symbol of the phallus, but even seems to bear it name—that of Mutinus Tutunus, a priapic deity associated…with a prenuptial rite.” Italy

Turpi The supreme being who lives in the sky and controls the weather, both good and bad,. The Purekamekran, Brazil

Tvastr A complex androgyne—a god who impregnates women, yet is pregnant himself. ”The bright bull of a thousand, rich in milk, bearing all forms in his bellies,…his seed is calf, afterbirth, fresh milk.” India

Twanyirrika, Tuanjiraka The Great Spirit whose voice is the bullroarer, and who participates in the circumcism ceremonies. The Arunta, Australia

Twen-Ch'ang Chinese god of literature and poetry.

Tzacol Another name of the male of the original creator couple—Tzacol ”Creator” and Bitol ”Maker.” Mayan Lowlands, Guatemala


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