Tawdry Teen Lust
Author: Sandycat
Spoilers: Angel's bad, that's it...
Summary: A spell backfires, badly, resulting in much 80's flashbacks, and Strange Sexual Shenanigans...
Rating: PG-13, innuendo, bit of swearing (not too bad though)
Disclaimer: All Characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 'Grr Arg', not me. No profit being made.
Feedback: Worshipped and adored!
Notes: This is a Very Silly fic, whatever you do, do not take it seriously... it gets more deranged as it goes on because I was writing it with an audience and both of us were getting drunker and drunker...
Dedication: To Mishie Spike, this is the funnyfic you requested :-) (at least I hope it's funny...) Hope you enjoy it!

Parody Of Love
Feedback: Love to hear what you think
Spoiler: Hints at things before Becoming
Rating: R for sexual content/language in some chapters
Summary: A Buffy/Spike Paradox
Disclaimer: The characters of the following story are due entirely to the creative genius of Joss Whedon. The characters portrayed in the story belong to Joss, the WB and the Mutant Enemy. All quotes are referenced individually. I take no credit for their hard work.

Tender Prey
Author: Sandycat
Spoilers: Post-Becoming fic
Summary: Five years after Becoming, Buffy's all alone in Sunnyhell when Spike turns up, a slightly surreal little smut-fic/song-fic ensues.
Rating: NC-17 WARNING! Graphic sex scenes (like that's going to stop anyone reading this ;-))
Disclaimer: Characters of Buffy and Spike belong to Joss Whedon,
Mutant Enemy and 'Grr Arg', not me. No profit being made.
Feedback: Worshipped and adored!
Notes: The lyrics are from 'So Slowly goes the Night' by Nick Cave, from the album, you guessed it, 'Tender Prey.'

Fragmented Mind: Drusilla’s Dust
Author: M.A.C. (Cynical Spike)
DESCRIPTION: Now would that be any fun if I told you.
RATING: Heck, it’s probably G-rated.
FEEDBACK: would be GREATLY appreciated. It’s my first encounter with Spikefic, so…
DISCLAIMER: None of the characters (so far) belong to me, just the people at BtVS, blah blah blah. All the usual.
NOTES: Well, since everybody else writes fanfic… I just had to jump on the bandwagon. It’s my first fic, so be nice… I don’t really know where I’m going with this yet, so tell me if you like it.

An Act of Love Prologue
Author: Misery4
Disclaimer: Don't own anything, I'm scum
Rating: Pg 13 (don't really know, this parts PG)
Summary: Buff's reflecting on leaving Sunnyvale, while in the bus. Will be a Spike/Buffy fi eventually but not right now

The Panther Symposium:
A Paradigm of Positive Persuasion

AUTHOR:slick(existentialist spike)
SUMMARY: semi-silly. it'll get sillier. a whole lot sillier. I think.
RATING: PG some potty mouth
FEEDBACK: praise welcome, flames encouraged. i drink criticism like a fine red wine. and I expect a lot of it, this being my first attempt at any sort of spike-fic.
SPOILERS: Becoming 2
DISCLAIMER: Spike belongs to Mr. Whedon et all. My title belongs to my friend Rachel, who does not know I am using it. Th, don't tell. Its generic for something I can't think up a title for. Hey, its better than "Untitled".

Chocolate Lust
Author: Ahn
Rating:R. (I think.)
Summary: Angel decides to get some revenge on the Scooby gang for all the indignities that he has suffered so far. Problem is, things didn’t quite go as planned...
Author’s Note: Can be seen as the final conclusion to 'Conversations in the Ladies Room' series. (Maybe...)
Disclaimer: Joss and the WB owns all that you know and love. I’m merely borrowing them to amuse myself until the new season starts.
Content: Drugs, humor, violence, some nudity. Humor. Lust. Humor. (I’m giving in to my bizarre sense of humor again. One of these days, I’ll resist.)

Author: Jenn~Ironic Spike
Feedback: I need it to boost my low self-esteem. The classes weren't helping.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own the plot. That's all. William, Drusilla, and Angelus all belong to the mighty Joss Whedon.
*Author's note: William's thoughts are indicated by **, I got tired of pacman mouths.

The Beach
Classification:Badfic - Note from the Webmistress - this is REALLY bad fanfic - that makes it hilarious
Disclaimer:I only own the story,Joss owns everything else
Feedback:If you really want to..Its a badfic
Content:A buncha Spike Girls, The Beach, The Scooby Gang, and vampires

50 Things To Do With a Spike Doll (Besides *AHEM*)
Authors  Jamie (Stereotypical Spike) and Steph (Cutie Spike)
Rating: A good, wholesome PG.  Some mild Angel, Buffy, Joss, Barbie, and Ken bashing.
Feedback: Please?!?  We really need it!  And feel free to add on. :)
Author's Notes:  While reading about the soon-to-be-released dolls of Buffy, Willow, and Angel, I, (Jamie) was a bit annoyed that there wasn't a Spike doll coming out.  This led to many ideas on what exactly one would do with said doll.  So me and Steph created this list of  50 Things To Do With A Spike Doll (Besides *AHEM*)

Buffy's 19th Birthday Promo
Author  Trisha Stewart (sorry this was a forward so i can't place her e-mail addy)
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Okay, Buffy's 17th birthday: After being attacked, she loses her virginity to Angel who then loses his soul and tortures and murders her friends for months. Her 18th birthday: Her Father lets her down, she loses her powers, she has to rescue her mother, Giles seemingly betrays her. I sensed a pattern. Here was my take on the promo commercial for next year's big birthday episode.

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