Well I've put it off for long enough - time to tackle the Dru & Spike we saw in Becoming. *sigh*
...two weeks later and its still burning in my mind...

There is just so much to say...the image that remains most vivid in my mind was the fight scene between Drusilla and Spike. Poor guy, he's doing so much and even allying himself with the forces of good to save her dead behind and look at what happens!!! His girl turns boxer on him and next thing you know - they're having a full blown fight. We're talking fists, kicks, dodges - the whole shebang!!!

Spike revealed a side to his character that we Spike Lovers only dreamed of - he was kind, caring and sensitive in a weird way (we can't forget his allusion to mortals as walking Happy Meals) that left me sighing 0:-)
Who can forget that scene where he jumped out of the bushes and beat up that cop that was trying to arrest Buffy? While he kind of ruined the sentimetality by trying to eat the guy later - 0:-)
Another cool Spike moment was when he was "chillin" with Buffy's Mom in the living room and he reminded her of how they'd met once before when she threatened to kill him if he didn't leave her daughter alone 0:-) I guess being an undead gives you those kind of liberties

I have to admit the Becomings did pretty much nothing to improve my image of Dru. She's still cool but a new, displeasing side of her was also revealed. She is a fickle woman and as Buffy so eloquently called her "a ho" That's the thing about BTVS - just when you get used to stereotypes and characters they do stupid things to piss me off and throw off mental images.

Drusilla treated Spike shamefully and even came to Angel's defense after he struck the guy (repeatedly 0:-) Poor guy was getting his aggressions out in a suitably masculine and violent manner when she jumps on him and saves Angel. *YUCKERS!!!*
How can she want Angel when Spike is so - Spikish? *shrug* oh well - its not my affair...I'm still in shock from the episodes...I just hope their characters don't disappear from the show - that would really suck. *s*

Well on a brighter note - we know Juliet Landau and James Marsters are signed on a for a bunch of more eps net season - so that means they'll be back - in what context though?

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