Even after so many years, Spike is devoted to Drusilla. 200 years later and heaven knows how many visions and rantings after it all began, Spike is enthralled by "His Pet." He has remained loyal, enthralled and absolutely in love with the idea of her. The adoration in his eyes as he looks upon her is almost painful. Spike loves Drusilla in a way that she has never experienced before.

She took him on a dark night, so many moons ago and made him hers - in mind, body and soul. She took away all of his earthlly possesions, his family, friends - his very life and replaced it with her image. She gave him night in exchange for day and forever robbed the world of its Spike.

& unlike Drusilla Spike has a completely lucid mind...he knows what he is doing and why he should not be in love with a crazy vampire but he is...I think his devotion to her is both touching and disturbing...its like taking a broken or stray puppy in and loving it...if he were without Drusilla, he would become the most sadistic, evil, awful vampire ever. Right now he's more into the whole vampire thing for the fun of it though - if there is such a thing as being a vampire just for fun. 0:-)

Poor Spike is almost human in his devotion to her - whoever she is. 0:-) (Don't tell him I said that though.) The night Spike lost the use of his legs, he'd given up his chance to kill the Slayer in order to save Drusilla from Buffy. I mean in the old days called him "William the Bloody".

We still call him Spike today because of his penchant for torturing his victimes with railroad spikes. (Makes a nice bed time story eh?)

Yet in spite of his making fun of Angel/Angelus for being "buffywhipped", Spike is in love. His bringing small animals, vulnerable people and assorted things for Drusilla to feed on is touching, if slightly bizarre.

Remember when he killed The Anointed One just because he made up too many rules and didn't let him have enough fun? Spike said he wouldn't let himself be bossed around by a child and threw him into the sun. There's an image I won't forget anytime soon. 0:-)

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