Dru is fragile in a way that belies her darkness. She has revolutionised the role of the villain. I sometimes forget that she is a killer and has tasted blood more often than I have eaten red gummi bears. She is without a doubt the single greatest bad guy...er girl...chick...person EVER!!! Her lunacy, sensuality and references to Mrs. Edith are both disturbing and mesmerizing. She is fiercely attached to "her pet" (Spike) and once held a knife to Angel's throat so that Buffy would have to release him.

At one time Drusilla and Angelus knew each other, then he made the aspiring nun into his vampire companion in love - driving her insane. There is a heart within that svelte body but it is not human. It kills for nourishment, for pleasure and sometimes for protection. You see, Drusilla created Spike. Her insanity drove her to snatch him off the streets one night and swallow his earthly soul just as one of us would swallow a soft drink. In the three mortal minutes left before Drusilla killed him, Spike knew he would forever love this child/woman/vampire.

After Angel regained his soul, he parted company with his two "children" and entered a lonely world full of shadows and regrets. Spike became Drusilla protector and guarded his "pet" with adoration. Spike must have been glad to have parted company from Dru's "Daddy" and probably relished those quiet years together. They traveled around, spreading mayhem and murder throught out Europe until that mob forced them to return to Sunnydale (as Spike called it "home, sweet home"). Drusilla was restored to full strength and planned parties for her dark friends while carefully raising her beloved Ms. Edith. They ran into Angel a couple of times but they were always on opposite sides - that is until his Gypsy cursed kicked in again and he became evil.

Now Angelus is back, bringing Drusilla peasant hearts as Valentine's Day gifts & things don't seem to be going too well for Spike and his love. Angel plays with her as if she were his lover or sick child. He leaves Spike alone to brood and wonder what happens when he is not around...while Drusilla tries to care for her Pet and resist the temptations of Angel.

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