So you would leave my dark corner? 0:-) Very well, visit these wonderfully dark Spike & Dru Sites next...

But make sure you do the "Spikey Thing" and link to your favorite webmistress.

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Now have fun with everyone else's links 0:-)

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Laure's Site. If you know anything about fanfic, you know who she is 0;-) My personal faves? The Spike and Willow series.

I love this page's layout - I'm pretty sure this was the site that put me over the top in my decision to start my own Spike/Dru page. 0:-)
Plus the webmistress is a pretty neat chick too... 0:-)

If you think the banner is cool - check out the site!!! I dare you to take the Spike Quiz!!!

The Spike Girls

The Spike Girls

The Spike Girls

I could help it - all the banners were so cool that I couldn't decide which one I wanted *lol

Spike's Trunk Link

A Spike-ful page. All I can ask is - "Where's Dru?"

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