Leaving Behind A Trail of Ashes...

pike & Drusilla have recently arrived from Prague, where an angry mob sought to destroy them. I love her insane sensuality, his jealous protection, their tangible love and the fear they reside in. They are beautiful, captivating and alive in a sinister kind of way that could only exist on BTVS...

Drusilla was sired by Angellus during one of his vengeful periods about oh - 200 hundred years ago, when he was in love with being a vampyre and the prospect of a young peasant girl with fearful visions was enough to stir his lust...Drusilla later sired Spike and according to him, he loved her from that first moment, and knew they would always be together...

Yet in spite of his making fun of Angel/Angelus for being "buffywhipped", Spike is in love. His bringing small animals, vulnerable people and assorted creatures for Drusilla to feed on during her "sickness" was touching, if slightly bizarre.

That mob in Prague really got to the "old girl." When Drusilla arrived at Sunnydale, she was weak and spent most of her time calling for Spike, who cared for her like a child. Soon he devised a way to have her regain her full strength using the Le Tumac curse/book thingy. This curse required the blood of Dru's sire - Angel. So Spike just went out and kidnapped the guy. Unfortunately, Buffy showed up before her beloved could be sucked dry and began to beat everyone up and stuff...after five minutes of Sophia's acting, the whole place caught fire, collapsed and Angel was saved. The slayerettes went home, assured that Spike and vbreygbvfruiwbhfwsuiwr had been vanquished. Little did they know the two were still alive and although Spike had lost the use of his legs, Drusilla was back at full strength. The last image from the show was Drusilla carrying a limp Spike from the remains.

Before Spike regained the use of his legs and therefore changed everything, my friend Liz and I were talking about Drusilla and Spike and wondering what it would be like if one existed without the other. They have been so dependent on each other for so long that its almost impossible to fathom, although according to Liz they usually play up the script to make themselves appear more in love than they actually are. I don't mind the illusion though. 0:-)

I really don't believe Drusilla would be that devastated by the situation though. She might be upset but i don't think she would go crazy (er) or anything like that...like she'd torture people and all but she just seems flimsy in her affections... She could probably become just as attached to Angel or some other vamp with a personality if Spike were to disappear one day...don't get me wrong I think the woman is fascinating and just enthralling but I don't really think she has that much devotion within her...she could be happy without Spike.

Spike on the other hand has a completely lucid mind...he knows what he is doing and why he should not be in love with a crazy vampire but he is...I think his devotion to her is just touching...its like taking a broken or stray puppy in and loving it...if he were without Drusilla, he would become the most sadistic, evil, awful vampire ever. Right now he's more into the whole vampire thing for the fun of it though - if there is such a thing as being a vampire just for fun. 0:-)

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