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as of July 31, 2002

1.) All right, I'm working on getting stuff up again, but if you find a broken link, let me know. It's helpful, really ^_^

2.) I had to move like half of the site to some old webspace I had, and I hopefully won't run out of room any time soon. I'm still going to try and add some more fics, but that little endeavor  will be slow in coming - or at least in small chunks to make sure I have the space.

3.) In case you're interested - really just because I feel like telling you - I'm mostly all better and no worse than when I started out ^_^ I also had a birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - on the fifth, and, yes, all those fireworks on the fourth were really for me ::beams:: I'm so importante! No, that's not a typo, it's Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, to anyone who's followed my Jimmy saga, I haven't heard from him all summer! I think I shouldn't care about that, but I do. I really am that pathetic -_-

4.) The added fics will come from backlogs first, then anything new. So, if you're recent it might take a while.

5.) One last thing, sign my guestbook or e-mail me, please!! It makes me happy + I work faster when I'm happy ^_^

as of April 16, 2002

1.) Due to medical problems, Dirty Books will not be updated for a while. I'm not sure when or if surgery will be necessary, or how long it will take to heal, etc. Sorry, but codeine and/or Demerol don't exactly keep you up at night, ne? 

as of March 10, 2002

1.) OK, these are just notes to you to let you know that I'm not dead ^_^

i. Bravenet had some security issues last week, so my fast URL wasn't working. If this should happen again, use my angelfire address @

ii. I have mid-terms this week, so I won't be doing any backlogged updates (like the one I missed last week). I will, however, be doing one this week ASAP!! That means at the end of the week -_-

2.) The stories I'll be adding include, but are not limited to:

as of March 1, 2002

1.) I put a link to Shnigami195's homepage in Author Links.

2.) Yes, I will probably be doing another update later today, I just had some time this morning before school.  Oi, never mind, I won't be doing an update later because I feel too sick.

3.) I added the following:

as of February 24, 2002

1.) All I added were the badges from the quizzes I found on Elf's LJ. They're in the the nursery - just because I want them there ^_^

as of February 23, 2002

1.) Maybe my update day should be Saturday instead of Friday 'cause I usually hang around with Mu on Fridays after class - my class is from 1 - 2, and I didn't get home until 9-ish last night.

2.) After having a shitty Valentine's Day (I actually went off on some random guy in a Rite Aid for buying some candy for his girlfriend.), I had an even shittier (word?) week. I think it was hold-over. I tried to apologize to Jimmy for being mean, but he wouldn't really let me, so I got all crappy again, and left class -_-. Heh. I went to Mu-bear's, instead. He made me feel better, so no biggie, ne?

3.) I added the following:

4.) I will be adding the following soon:

as of February 13, 2002

1.) Well, it seems that Josh G. (I can't spell his last name for beans), author of one-shot songfic Breathless, will no longer be archived here - or anywhere, from what I understand. I think he got busted by his parents or something, I dunno. Aah, it is a sad, sad day, indeed :_:

2.) I made a few revisions on the Submission page.

as of February 12, 2002

1.) Whoa now, I know it's been like a month, but I'm still angsting. You didn't know that was a word, did you?

2.) While it's not Friday, I'm still updating . . .unless you wanna' wait 'til Friday. But, it is . . .Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! ::groans:: and I'm at home with nothing to do. Dammit. 

3.) I added the following:

as of January 18, 2002

1.) Don't forget, my address has changed: Hehehe, I now have cox next to me. Go ahead, say that out loud.

2.) Friday is my new update day, but I didn't feel like doing much today because of some personal problems. One person in particular, actually. God I hate having feelings sometimes -_- 

3.) I added the following:

4.) New section is called Poetry, but it only has one thing in it right now.

5.) I'll be adding some more stuff by Clarysage later this weekend that I didn't feel like doing today. Sorry, for real this time.

as of January 11, 2002

1.) I had to change my e-mail address as part of the conversion over to Cox's new system. It's now, and I did change it on the site, as well. If you find somewhere that I forgot, please let me know, k?

2.) Elf is back with her old e-mail server, so no more Juno! 

3.) I added the following:

Things You May Want to Know

1.) ::shuffles feet:: I, uh, sort of lost my master list of stories ::blushes:: So, I'm no longer sure who wrote back and gave me permission unless I had already put up the 'didn't  get permission' link. So,

If you, the author, do not want your story here, please tell me, and I'll take it down. I did send an E-mail to all available addresses at some point, so please don't get too mad and thwack me too much.  ^_^

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