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Rules for Submission

Don't worry, these are not hard. I don't get submissions all that often, but when I do, they're sometimes less than stellar. Hence, the reason for the rules. *Standard update day is now every Friday + whenever I feel like it ^_^*

  • At the very least, run a spell/grammar check.

  • At best, have it beta read once, if not twice.

  • Send your story in one of the following formats: an attached file that is .txt or .doc (Microsoft Word file), or copy/paste it into your e-mail. Yes, I can open .zip files, but it's an extra, pain in the ass step.

  • Don't send me an incomplete story. You don't see many of those here, do you?

  • If your story is massive, send multiple e-mails. I won't mind, I promise.

  • Sometimes I post before I read something, but only in the event that you have provided a summary. Keep that in mind if you want your story up like yesterday.

  • If you don't like the above because you would like my opinion ::snort:: just write that in your e-mail.

  • Let us also remember that you are submitting something to me, not posting to an ML. I have veto power, so don't be shocked into some seizure if I send your story back for revision. Though, that doesn't happen too often ^_^

  • If you sent me a story before I put this up, don't worry about it. Just pay attention to these steps from now on, OK?

  • Sign my guestbook! I'll work faster if you do ^_^ It's not actually required, though.

  • Like this even needs to be said, but no one appreciates plagiarism, so don't even go there.

  • This semester I'm in school from 12 - 5 MW, 8 - 8 T, 8 - 4 Th, and 12 - 3 F. Keep that in mind, too.

That should just about cover it, I think. If you need a beta reader, check out the forum at GWAddiction or e-mail me about it. Are you ready?

Good, copy this + e-mail it (minus the stuff I wrote in the blanks):

Name/E-mail: your name/e-mail address for comments + contact

Story Title: duh

Pairings/Warnings: who's with who/wants who, applicable warnings

Summary: optional, but suggested

Section: series, one-shots, PWP/squick, fairytales/parodies/extreme nonsense, unconventional pairs, poetry

URL: if applicable

Other: personal notes (about the story or to me), etc.

P.S. ~ This recently came to my attention, - not really, but I never wanted to admit it out loud - but I have . . .a bias. ::wails:: I know, I am truly that sad. It's not so bad, it's just that I am an orthodox yaoi fan, and have a tendency to prefer fics that are also orthodox. Or, more specifically, I favor 1x2x1. It's not that I won't post fics that are 2x3, 1x4, 1x3, 5x2, etc., I mean, I DO have an Uncon. Pairs section, it's just that I probably won't read them as quickly or not at all. I think that should serve as a warning to both submitting authors and readers, but maybe not 'cause who really cares about my opinion, anyway? That's right. No one. ^_^ K, that's it.

Yes, I am. I followed the steps and everything ^_^

No, I need to go back and change my story, etc.