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A-Chan's Gundam Wing Fictions

Royal Flush. PG-13. Heero+Duo/Trowa+Quatre. COMPLETE!!
Duo loses a bet to Quatre and has to pretend to be Heero's girlfriend for the next mission. Quatre tries to play matchmaker. Very cute fic. Includes cross dressing.

Akuma's Gundam Wing Fictions

From Far Away. NC-17. AU. DuoxHeero. COMPLETE!
Duo finds himself in a new world. He meets a Prussian eyed youth. The problem is they speak different languages.

Androgene's Fiction

Love Emotion. NC-17. 1x3 PWP.
Heero and Trowa reunite after years of separation, but not without making some painful discoveries along the way. Very angsty toward the end. Awesome read.

Love Education. NC-17. 1x3.
Prequel to 'Love Emotion'. Best if you read that first. A confession of love and a new beginning. Both Heero and Trowa want to spend their lives together, but Heero's fate would not allow him to do so.

Crimson Drake's Gundam Wing Fictions

Trowa's Shorts. NC-17. Trowax1234.
Trowa is absolutely irresistable in his shorts and everyone wants a piece of the cake. Begins to fan herself. Is it hot in here? I think so and you will too after you read this steamy fic.

Crying Phoenix's Fictions

Gladiators. HeeroxDuo. QuatrexTrowa. INCOMPLETE!!!
Duo and Heero are slaves. Duo wants to escape his recurring nightmare, and he plans on using Heero to do it.

Dia-Chan's Gundam Wing Fictions

Dark Kingdom. NC-17. HeeroxDuo. QuatrexTrowa. WufeixSally. COMPLETE!!!
Heero is a vampire and Duo a normal human teen. What will happen when these two meet up? A truly awesome story to read.

My Heart. . . . Your Heart. 2x1. PWP.
Heero wants to tell Duo how he feels, but he doesn't know how. One Of My Favorites. Very Well Written.

Duo's Chick and Star Kindler's Fanfictions

Last Resort. R. Complete!!
Heero Loses His Will To Live. Angsty!! Shounen ai.

See You Soon. R. Complete!!
Duo misses will he cope with the loss of his love? *sequel to Last Resort* Very very sad!! Tissue Warning.

Elspeth's Gundam Wing Fictions

Gundam Soul
A Poem Concerning Each Of The G-boys. Very nicely done.

On Velvet Wings. HeeroxDuo. WufeixCeleste. PG-13. INCOMPLETE!!!
On the streets of Tokyo, Heero rises screaming vengence for his slain lover Duo, killed by the Yakuza. With him he brings another pilot and together they are the crows of Tokyo. GWxCrow crossover. Very angsty.

Doujinshi for ON VELVET WINGS. Click Here.

SHINIGAMI. TrowaxQuatre. DuoxHeero. PG-13.INCOMPLETE!!
Quatre is dead but Shinigami did not make that decision, now Duo will risk everything even facing his father to get back his friend, but will Heero be able to call him back from the darkness?

Doujinshi for SHINIGAMI. Click Here

Flamika's Fictions- Domestic Bliss Arc!!

Click Here to Visit Flamika's Page. Now Hosting eight fics.

GirlStarFish's Fictions

Click Here to Visit GirlStarFish's Page. Now Hosting ten fics.

Hex's fictions

Lightening Scythe. 1x2 3x4 5xMe. NC-17. Incomplete!!
A tale of mystery and a cursed True Love, set in a time of mystery and magic. Duo is a highly unusual young boy, for one thing, he is possessed by the Demon Shinigami. Now he is on a Quest to end his curse, but is the price too great? A great story!!

Jade's Fics

Tight Security. NC-17. 1x2. COMPLETE!!
Very very steamy fic. MUST READ!! Heero is an airport security man who keeps a careful watch on everything, especially the one thing that catches his eye, Duo.

Juleswriter's Fictions

First Aid At It's Finest. NC-17. 1x4.
PWP. Quatre meets a friend at a bar, ends up in a fight and recieves some very special first aid!

Midnight Fantasy - In A Tow Truck? NC-17. 6X2X4
PWP. Zechs and Duo end up on the side of the road with two flat tires in the middle of the night. Quatre and his tow truck come to the rescue. How will they thank him?

Katsu's Fictions

All of Katsu's Fics are archived at her site at her request. Click Here

Keara's Fictions

Young Hearts. INCOMPLETE!!!
The Doctors all make clones of the GW characters and now the guys have their hands full taking care of their miniature selves. Very kawaii ficcie. UPDATED 06-05-02

Ketsuai's Fictions

Roman Tubs. 4x2. NC-17. COMPLETE!!
Quatre and Duo are found out by a very flustered Rashid. Very funny. Must read. ^_^

Ketsurui and Quoth the Raven's Fictions

Pina Colada. NC-17. TrowaxQuatre.
What happens when Quatre gets drunk for the first time? Very very kawaii. MUST READ!!

Tequila. NC-17. QuatrexTrowa
The sequel to Pina Colada. Duo strikes again. Very kawaii. Must read.

Kinzoku's Fictions

Always Trapped. PG-13. DuoxHeero. COMPLETE!!!
Four of the pilots are cryogenically frozen and when they finally awaken, it is eleven years later.

KM's Fanfictions

Recorded Reminders. COMPLETE!!!
This is a MUST READ!! Very Sad and angsty. DeathFic. Simply breathtaking. A mission has a bad outcome leaving Heero to deal with the loss of one of the pilots. His best friend.

Lady Robyn's Fanfictions

Virgin State Of Mind. NC-17. 1x2. COMPLETE!!!
Duo wants to experiment with Heero, who is only too willing to oblige. Very very kawaii and funny too. MUST READ!!!

Little Manga Neko's Fictions

The Party. NC-17. COMPLETE!!!
Duo's a vampire and Heero's a donor. Very cool story. 2x1.

Lotus-chan's fictions

Night of the New Moon. R. Incomplete!!
After the war Heero travels to a secluded old town in America to get away from it all but instead he finds more trouble than he would've liked in the form of the supernatural. Warning: contains Yaoi, Relena-bashing and has about two parts remaining. A truly well-written story. MUST READ!!!

Makiko Igami's fics

Flower Fields and Chestnut Hair. NC-17. 1x2 (slight 1xR).
*CHPT. 12 IS UP!* Heero is sent on a mission to meet a girl. Duo is on a mission too...

Doujinshi for FLOWER FIELDS. Click Here

Mitsugi's Gundam Wing Fictions

Set in Stone. R. DuoxHeero Complete!!!
An Awesome story. A mission gone awry leaves Heero injured and the others trapped. Will they get out alive?

Pingo's Fanfictions

A Soldier's Love. PG-13. COMPLETE!!!
Will the end of Trowa and Quatre's relationship mean the end of the GW boys? Chapters 1-11.

Ponderosa's Fictions

Good Salesmanship. NC-17. COMPLETE!!!
2x1 3x4 13x6x5. Yaoi. Lemon. Fetish. AU. OOC. X-dressing. Sextoys. Silliness! Multiple POV. The fun begins when a suave salesman, Duo, visits a house where Heero is busy feeling pretty. Also starring: Flaming Wufei, Hentai Zechs & Wicked Quatre. OOOH STEAMY!!! Got to love it!!! CHAPTERS 1-4.

Reona's GW Fictions

Devil's Own. DuoxHeero, TrowaxQuatrexWufei.
This is Reona's first GW fic. She typically does Ronin fics. This is the beginning of an arc for her. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ^_^

Ricci's Fictions

Set Me Free. R. DuoxHeero. Complete!!
A fatal accident costs Heero two years of his life... will Duo be able to cope? An Awesome and gripping read. Very Well Written.

Satsuki Kitsune's Gundam Wing Fictions

Machine or Mortal? PG-13. HeeroxDuo. Incomplete!!
After one fateful mission, Duo finds out something very different about Heero....Something Heero himself didn't know... But the question is, can Duo and the other pilots come to accept it? And, what problems will it bring to them?

Silence and the Soldier. PG-13. TrowaxHeero. Incomplete!
Occurs after Heeero Self Destructed in Episode 10. Very well written. Trowa is taking care of Heero as he struggles to get better and face the Noventa family but someone knows that Heero is still alive. Who could it be? Read and find out!!

Shadow's Gundam Wing Fictions

Playing With Dolls. PG. 1x2x5.
Heero, Duo, and WuFei all possess fragile souls. Love's decided to deal them a tough hand... What will they do?

Uncertainties. PG. 1x2x5.
Heero, Duo, and WuFei begin to realize that they have certain ... feelings for each other, and must cope with this new realization. Will they confront this situation, or let it go unsaid?

Skye's Gundam Wing Fictions

Detention. INCOMPLETE!!! UPDATED 11-13-01
The Pilots all end up in Detention. Based loosely on 'The Breakfast Club' and on an episode of Dawson's Creek

Snow Tigra's Gundam Wing Fictions

Shinigami - The God of Death. HeeroxDuo. QuatrexTrowa. COMPLETE!!
Duo is in an accident and dies but he is given a second chance at things if only Heero can realize that the boy pretending to be Duo is not him. A totally awesome story. A Must read.

Sorcerer Stabber Shinigami. DuoxHeero. R. COMPLETE!!
Heero took the blame for something Duo did and now he is a dragon as his punishment. Will Duo be able to find him and change him back or is he destined to remain a dragon forever?

Vacation. HeeroxDuo. SakuraxTomoya. PG-13. COMPLETE!!
A crossover with Clamp's Cardcaptor Sakura. Really cute.

Solo666's Fictions

Key To The Heart. NC-17.
Warnings!! AU, dark, vampires and shapeshifters. Pairings: 2x4 (5x3, 1xR).

Spook's Fictions

All of Spook's Fics are archived at her site at her request. Click Here

Teena M's Fictions

Danse Macabre. Rated: NC-17.
GW/AB crossover/fusion fic... Heeeeere's Edward! NC-17 for vampirism, yaoi, blood, Edward, stuff like that. MUST READ!!!

Heart's Blood. Rated NC-17. 1x2. 3x4.
Vampy Duo fic. Sandstorms are a mixed blessing. VERY KAWAII ^_^(1x2/2x1)(gratuitous 4x3 lemon)

When Good Experiments Go Bad. Rated PG-13. Multiple Pairings.
Heero and Quatre attacked the wrong base at the wrong time. Murphy's Law in action. Now they, Treize, and Zechs are kids, and it's all Treize's fault! According to Quat-chan, anyway. VERY KAWAII AND FUNNY. A MUST READ!!!

Tsuki-Moon's GW Fictions

Remember Me. Rated R. 1x2, 3x4 pairings.
The Gundam pilots are forced to give up their memories in the name of peace. So what hapens when lovers can't remember each other. . . Ooooh Nicely Done. A Must read. ^_^

Wildfire Flame's GW Fictions

A Doll's Life. NC-17 eventually. 1x2. 3x4. INCOMPLETE!!!
The scientists are up to something that could forever change the G-Boys lives. Trowa finds a rather unusual child who helps him. (Original character) Heavy emphasis on 3x4.

Alternate Lives. PG-13.
Crossover fic centered mainly on one Ronin in Particular. Rating may go higher in the future and Pairing is to be determined.

First Times. NC-17. 2x1. INCOMPLETE!!!
Heero is injured on a mission and is near exhaustion. Will he let the braided boy take care of him?

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