Fanfiction Sanctuaries

A door creaks open very quietly and you tiptoe in, not wanting to disturb the silence. You peer around casually observing the mahogony walls each lined with an overflowing bookcase. A large comfy sofa next to a grand fireplace, catches your eye and sitting on it are two young men, each totally absorbed by the books they hold. Neither notice your presence.

You come a bit closer and smile as you see the blue-haired boy is holding a Ronin Warriors (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers) paperback and the young auburn haired boy with his long hair in a braid is holding a Gundam Wing paperback. You come a little further into the warm room and are promptly pounced on by the braided boy.

"Hee hee. Hello there!! Name's Duo. Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie. So you're here to choose which fanfiction to read hmmm? How did I know you ask? That's a good question. Hey Rowen, how'd I know what they were here for?"

Rowen rolls his eyes at the braided boy and blushes slightly as he looks up at their guests. "You knew because Lena told you to expect guests. So play nice, Duo."

Duo pouts but before he can say anything, Rowen goes on in the introductions. "My name's Rowen Hashiba. Duo and I were assigned here to help guide you all where you want to go. Juct click on the below links and they will take you to the fanfiction sections. Have fun you all."

"Hey I wanted to tell them where to go!!"

Rowen shrugs. "Maybe another time, Duo."

Duo glares and begins plotting for his chance to tell everyone where they can go to read their desired fictions. Suddenly he brightens and begins waving to the guests. "Pssst, if you are in the mood for some awesome yaoi fics, click on the Yaoi Retreat in the lower bottom right hand corner. It will take you there."

"Duo, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Rowen." Duo runs off whistling innocently with a grin on his face.

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