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Wildfire's Flame's Fanfics

Alternate Lives. PG-13.
Crossover fic centered mainly on one Ronin in Particular. Rating may go higher in the future and Pairing is to be determined.

Alone. NC-17. RowenxSage
Rowen and the guys go exploring an Ancient Temple but all is not what it seems. The Temple holds a Dark Secret that only Rowen can unlock. Otherwise, he will lose his friends forever to the dark depths of the Temple.

Saving Grace. NC-17. RowenxSage. RowenxMia. MiaxRyo.
The sequel to Alone. Tells of what happened in the five years that the Temple held all the guys captive except for Rowen and Mia.

Love's Flaring Light. NC-17. ToumaxSeiji.
A new evil wants Seiji as a playmate and it will go to any lengths to get what it wants. Winner of the Best Yaoi Fic Of The Year Award.

Revelations. NC-17. Multiple Pairings.
Sequel to LFL. Evil is still after Seiji and things become complicated when it goes after Ryo to get him.

Now and Forever. PG-13. SeijixTouma
Touma is heartbroken when Ryo leaves him but Seiji is there to pick up the pieces.

Ride the Wind. PG-13. RowenxSage
A motorcycle accident leaves Rowen in Intensive Care. Will he be able to pull through?

Tears. PG-13. KentoxCye
A Ronin is feared dead and it is slowly tearing Kento apart. Will they ever find their missing member and if so, will he be alive?

Uncertainty. PG-13. Miaxthe guys
A Ronin is in love with Mia. The problem? So are all the other guys. Will friendship stand the ultimate test?

Cye's Girl's Fictions

Winter Wonderland. Ryo/Touma Shin/Seiji.
The first time in four years the Troopers are all together again. Snowy mayhem ensues, and feelings uncovered. *Yaoi* Romance/Humor. An Awesome story by an awesome writer. ^_^

Your Song.
Touma thinks he knows what he wants, but is what he thinks really the best thing for him?

Secrets Of The Heart.
Sequel to Your Song. It would probably help to read Your Song first. I can't really summarize this one without giving something away. ^_~

Djinn Hashiba-Maxwell's Fictions

Gone Awry-Humor. Touma/Seiji Ryo/Shin Nasti/Shuu.

Hiruma's Fictions

A Child Among Immortals. NC-17. SeijixTouma.
Seiji as a god, Touma as his loyal subject and an unknown enemy arising that is threatening to destroy the peace Seiji has worked so hard to gain. Rated N- 17 for violence, rape (maybe), swearing and lemon scenes. Dedicated to Tenku's Girl! INCOMPLETE!!!

The Birthday Gift. AU. SagexRowen.
Lord Sage receives a rather intriguing gift from his cousin, Cale. But are Cale's motives pure?

Determined To Get Laid. NC-17. SeijixTouma.
Having never had sex with his boyfriend before, Seiji's mind is set on going all the way with Touma. Dedicated to Wildefyre!!

I Love Him. SeijixTouma.
Seiji finally confesses his love to a supposedly sound asleep Touma. Grins. Kawaii.

Nowhere To Go.
Rowen runs away but realizes without friends he has nowhere to go . . .

A Place To Call Home.
Sequel to Nowhere To Go. Rowen finally finds himself a home . . . with Sage.

Sugary sweet sap. A proposal is given and Touma-chan ends up sick but it's all worth it in the end. ^_^

UNTITLED. SeijixTouma. SeijixRyo. NC-17 Later on. CHAPTER 8 ADDED!!!

A very cute fic so far. Seiji hurt Touma in the past and Touma left Heartbroken. Now six years later, Touma has a son and is still thinking about Seiji. Will these two ever find their way back to one another?

Reona's Fictions

The Winning. PG-13. SagexRyo.
How Sage Wins Ryo. A prequal to Ill Fire.

Ill Fire. PG-13. SagexRyo.
Kento and Ryo are horsing around down by the lake and Ryo accidentally falls into the frigid depths. Becoming very sick, the bearer of Wildfire is gently cared for by a worried Sage. Very very kawaii. Bug her for a sequel. *Grins*

Body and Soul. Warlord pairings.
Follows Ill Fire.

The Visit.
Follows Body and Soul. Warlords coming for a visit.

Fourth Of July, Ronin Style.
Very Tame. Multiple Pairings. Adorably soaked Wildfire. ^_~

Shadow of Arashi Fictions

Click Here for Shadow Of Arashi's Fics. Currently Housing 13 fics.

Topaz Kat's Fics

Coming Home. SagexRyo. PG-13.
KAWAII. Some background Info on our fave Leader and a worried Sage. Very nice. Complete.

FALL. NC-17. Multiple Pairings.

One Week.
Something is up with our lovable furball. Anyone got any idea what? COMPLETE!! Chapters 1-6.

Mechanics Have The Best Tools. NC-17. RowenxCye.
Very kinky. Love It!! RowenxCye.

Stoking the Home Fires. NC-17.
Ryo is working too much and Seiji is wanting to rekindle their relationship. Steamy. Must read!!

Yin-Yang's Fictions

A Lesson To Be Learned. NC-17. Seiji needs to be taught a lessson and who better to teach him than Yami? Very nice but somewhat Dark at first.

Winter Skye's Fictions

I Know. Complete!!!
A Response To A Challenge. ToumaxShu. Very Nicely Written By My Best Friend. ^_^

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