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Let Hanson guide you as you venture down Albertane alley on this starry night. Grab your mittens, your scarf, and put on a coat! Its cold in Albertane! Remember, Mars is farther from the sun than Earth. Also, keep a lookout for interesting things...this is a Hanson based planet, strictly for the #1 fans ONLY!!! Have fun, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Hanson fan fantasy!!! :)

Welcome to Albertane Alley---created and managed by Kat <~~that's me! Look around and if you have any ideas for my site, please email me! ( Taynx!

"God made coke, God made pepsi, God made Hanson, SO DARN SEXY!!!"

"Live, love, listen to Hanson!"

"Peace, pickles, and Hanson flavored jellybeans! (wonder how those taste? hehe.)"

Please...prep Hanson fans? That is just WRONG!

Tour dates!!! Make sure you keep checking up here! Dates are releasing as we speak! Click here!

----Hey people!!! Got any fan fiction or poems ya wanna send me? Go right ahead, okay? Be creative!!! Star yourself in a fan fic!!----

****ATTENTION HANSON FANS****Become an Albertane Resident today! Just send me an email with your first name, a nickname you would like to go by, (ex: IkezBabe, If`OnLy`ChiK) and pick your place to live! Here are your choices: Boomerang Blvd, Weird Way, Look at You Lane, Rain Road, MMMBop Street, Time Around Terrace, If Only Avenue, and Hanson Hwy! (There are only a few spaces left on Hanson Hwy so if you want to live there, you better email me fast!) Once you move in, your first name, nickname, and Hanson location will be added to the list on my "Albertane Residents" page! Please join! Taynx!

If you havent picked up "This Time Around"...go get it! Pick it up at your local music store now!! Or now online at! Check out my review of it!