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-Taylor Hanson-


Taylor Hanson:

Full name: Jordan Taylor Hanson
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Sensitive, loves to flirt
Fav Subjet: Literature
Habit: He taps his fingers
Talents: Cartooning, rollerblading
Postion in the band: Keyboard/piano/tamborine/conga drums/vocals
Fav Color: Red
Birthday: March 14, 1983
Zodic sign: Pisces (that means he's a good swimmer! hehe)
Identity: "The quiet one" (yeah right!)
Fav pastime: Drawing, reading, working on the computer
Fav food: Fish...correct me if I'm wrong!
Sports: Incline skating, Soccer, Ice hockey

Tay Quotes

"There's a whole world of hot chicks out there!"
"We're three guys who write, play, and sing our music...That's what Hanson is"
"We plug our ears, and still the shrieks cut through!"
"There's a difference between having a girlfriend, and having a girl...scream at you..."
"Ya know...we would'nt just walk up to somebody and just lay one on em'...ya know, tounge and all."
"Zac was dropped on his head as a baby..."
"Zac, you're retarted..."
"I'm a boy, but I'm not pulling down my pants to prove it!"