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Here are some ideas to write on signs at Hanson concerts!! If you get any ideas, send them in!! I'll post them with your name on it!

!.) “Tay! Can I have your rat tail!?”
2.) “Ike, do you like playing with whipped cream? I do.” <~~By: Megan Pierce
3.) “God, Tay. You sweat even more than I thought! Hmm...must be this new tank I'm wearing!!!”
4.) “98°! KNIFE! STAB! FIRE! DIE!”
5.) “You guys better bring me on stage! I didn't buy these 4 inch platforms for nothin'!” (that refers to their height)
6.) “Zac, can I get you anything? A glass of water?...or wine? How about some chocolate sauce, strawberries, and whipped cream?” <~~By: Amy Dawson
7.) “Did you know there's a sports drink called 'Hanson'????”
8.) “Can I dress you up as girls?? Pweeeaaazzzzeee??”
9.) “Tay just took his shirt off! Now, Ike, take your pants off!!!!!!!!”
10.) “Look at me! Kick my ass! I'm wearing a Backstreet Boys shirt!”
11.) “A gay guy and a 5 year old girl just threatened me. Ooooh I'm shakin'!”
12.) “I know that I'm naked, but I'm just trying to get the bands attention! Security, PLEASE DON'T KICK ME OUT! HANSON IS MY LIFE!”