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It's hard to explain the love fans feel for Hanson. If you're not a fan, you think we scream for them because they're “cute”, however, we actually love them. I myself have been a fan for nearly three years. I love them. They are an important part of my life. I love each of them in a different way. Of the three, I love Taylor in the most romantic way. The way I feel about the others is very difficult to explain. I have very strong feelings for Tay; I love him with all my heart. The strange thing is, almost every Hanson fan feels this way. There's something about them that takes your breath away. Once you start getting into them, you are hooked. If you are like I am, you have kept your faith in them through thick and thin. When they were at their lowest point in public popularity, you stayed with them and loved them still. Every time they win an award, you feel their happiness, and when they lost that grammy, you felt their sorrow. The feeling is well connected, and every time I hear Taylor's voice, I melt. Taylor, he is my love. The sweetest thing in the world is seeing this band I love so, listening to their beautiful voices, and comprehending their musical lyrics. Hanson - the dearest thing to me, the sweetest thought, the love some cannot understand.