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-“This Time Around”-


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With one word I can explain the new album “This Time Around”. The word is excellent!!! Hanson has really changed. The music now has more rock taste to it. Just as Ike stated, the music is isstill pop, however it is much more like rock now. There are some ballads which contribute to the pop touch, however...much of the album makes you wonder if these guys are the same ones singing the 1998 hit, "MMMbop". All three harmonic voices have matured with their music...and the sound is heaven sent as well as very trendy and fun!! Hanson even co-produced the album, and as always, they wrote all the songs. (surely you knew that) I am very glad to see Hanson make a terrific comeback! In looks, voices, and musical style, these three brothers have grown to become even more awesome than before!