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Before reading...remember that this was the ALBERTANE tour. TWO YEARS AGO! I was much less mature, and I would'nt freak out now as bad as I did then. LoL! This review was also written two years ago. I mean, recently I've met the guys twice, and that was MEETING them face to face...and I did'nt go crazy at all :-) Anyway, read on!

We were so excited! Katy and I were finally going to a Hanson concert!! We arrived at Lakewood Ampitheater two hours early, and after a very long wait in line to get in, we were just walking around checking out the tour merchendise. Then, all of the sudden, we heard some girls screaming! I looked to my left to see a crowd of maybe 25 people crowded around a small fence. (about 12 feet high and 25 feet long) They were all looking through the cracks and some were holding signs up over the top. Both thinking alike, Katy and I looked at eachother, then took off toward the fence as fast as our feet could carry us. I really didnt even have time to think about what may have been going on behind it. Once we reached the crowd, it was'nt hard to make our way through, but I was ahead of Katy. Once I reached the fence, I put my eye up to a crack, looked through, and there stood HANSON!!!!! I first saw Isaac but I thought it could'nt be, so I blinked a few times...nothing was was real!! I saw Ike first, then Tay, then Zac. But Zac's head was turned most of the time. I then began screaming at the top of my lungs!! I looked behind me at Katy who was still making her way to the fence, and I kept screaming. She looked at me with very wide eyes, then began screaming herself...she did'nt even know what was going on! She was just screaming! lol! So I screamed out, “Katy! Oh my God! They are right there! Right there!! Behind the fence!! Huuurrryyy!!” Well I'm safe to say that I have never seen that girl take off like she did then! So, I kept looking through at Hanson shaking peoples hands and getting pictures taken...until...I couldnt stand it anymore. I noticed a nearby walkway to the left that led back to where Hanson was, so I darted toward it! the entrance to it...there was a very large, very muscular man. I ran into him like a bullet! I did'nt even notice he was there until he grabbed me and said, “What did I say?! NO MORE PEOPLE!!” So without a word I darted back to the place I had just been at. Due to loss of sanity, I climbed on a stranger's shoulders to see over. No joke, I'm being VERY serious, I really, truly, and honestly did. In the mean time, Katy had climbed a tree that was right by the fence and was looking over! By now, the person was wobbling terribly below me and I was practically holding on to the top by my stomach! Also, I could see Hanson perfectly. They were so close!!!! Then, it just came out...I mean...I didnt even have to think about it! I screamed, “OH MY GOD!!! TAYLOR!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!” To this day I still remember the exact expressions on each of their faces. It was the most exciting moment of my life. When we returned to our seats, I was trying to tell what just happened, but instead I cupped my hands over my mouth, squinched my eyes, and screamed for about 5 mins straight.