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It's one thing to just not care for Hanson's music...but when you start going around saying stuff like "Oh, Hanson sucks! They're so gay!"...that's when you're being just plain RUDE! As all of you know I'm sure...there are actual anti-hanson websites...which is ridiculous! I'm wondering what they actually think they are accomplishing! I mean...what the heck do you think??? Do you think you're going to make people turn against them? You are'nt changing any of our minds. We love Hanson, okay? Not only do we love them...but we can actually appreciate their music! They write, play, and sing ALL of their music...and they CERTAINLY need way more appreciation than they are getting! Hanson is NOT a boy band. All anti-Hanson people are simply immature. If you actually think about WHY someone would be a hanson will come to this conclusion. Here are possible reasons---

7. Ignorance
8. Ignorance
9. Ignorance
10. Ignorance
11. Ignorance
12. Boy band loving, preppy teenie boppism

Point made.