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Okay, so what if your uneducated in the Hanson world...I'm here to help!!! After you've read this, go read the “Hanson Language” page I have provided. Anyway, this whole site has to do with Albertane, so if you don't know what Albertane is, you're pretty confused now, huh? Well, Albertane is the capitol city of Mars. It all came about in Hanson's song, “Man From Milwaukee.” It is not a real place, but in the Hanson world it is! Albertane was completely created by Hanson, so all the fans love it! Also, Albertane was the title of Hanson's tour in 1998. It was called, “The Albertane Tour.” Then later the Hanson home video came out, “Road to Albertane” and the live album, “Live from Albertane” What can I say, I love Hanson and I love Albertane! Now that you know what Albertane is, continue surfing this site!