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-Are You Obsessed?-


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Hmmm...might you be obsessed with Hanson? Ahh of course, not you! Or are you simply in denial? Here are some signs that you may be slightly more that just lovin' the almighty blondes...

1. First off...just like I just did...u call them the Almighty blondes! LOL!
2. All of your friends know not to mention the "H" word unless their willing to hear you talk about how much Zac is growing up and watch you relive the concert you attended.
3. You visit hansonline every five minutes.
4. You flashed a security guard trying to sneak backstage. ( did'nt work)
5. You smacked your boyfriend because he said Tay looked like a girl.
6. When you are about to meet a new person...the first thing u ask about them is “Do they like Hanson?”
7. You think selling bottled Hanson spit sounds quite yummy!
8. When you met Hanson you asked Zac if you could touch his hair. (I actually was with someone when they did Zac's reply was “Um that would be a little weird”)