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This is the official tour date list. Tickets are going very fast. You need to buy them asap!! Have fun seeing the guys live!!!!

July 27 - Tulsa, OK *Sold Out*

July 30 - Seattle, Washington

Aug 1 - Vancouver, Canada

Portland, Oregon

Aug 4 - San Fran, California *Sold Out*

Aug 8 - Los Angeles, California

Aug 10 - Pheonix, Arizona

Aug 12 - San Antonio, Texas

Aug 17 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Aug 19 - Arlington, Texas

Aug 22 - Atlanta, Georgia!! <---

Aug 24 - Tampa Bay, Florida

Aug 26 - Miami, Florida

Aug 29 - Orlando, Florida

Sep 9 - Hampton, VA

Sep 11 - NYC, NY

Sep 14 - Washington DC

Sep 16 - Philadelphia, PA

Sep 18 - Wilkes Barre, PA

Sep 19 - Poughkeepsie, NY

Sep 21 - Boston, MA

Sep 23 - Montreal, Canada

Sep 25 - Pittsburgh, PA

Sep 26 - Columbus, OH

Sep 28 - Detroit, MI

Sep 30 - Toronto, CA

October 7th - Indianapolis, Indiana

There are still some dates which are non-confirmed. Keep checking up here to see if any dates are added which are more convenient for you to travel toward.