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HA! I knew you wou come here!!! Well...of course...look at the title!! You could'nt resist!! Ever wondered what would happen if a Hanson bro kissed you? Well, here are some *quite* amusing thoughts on it! Geez! The things you guys think about! *LoL*

“I've always wondered how it would be to kiss Tay. I'm sure it would be very wet, I mean, have you ever noticed how much spit the boy has?!?!?! The edges of his mouth are always slobber clobbered!!!!” India, NC

“Umm...if either of them ever kissed me I would'nt be able to control myself. I would most likely knock him down and...uhh...never mind...” -Anoymous

“Hanson? Me? Kiss? IN MY DREAMS!!!!” -Tasha, TN

“I always thought that if me and Ike kissed, we'd get stuck together. Which, in my opinion, is no problem at all. It would be great! I mean, being stuck to Isaac's mouth, people!! It does'nt get much better than that!! I must admit...I was very disappointed when I saw that Ike got his braces off...*sigh*” - Carlee, TX

“I think I could remain calm until he was out of sight. Then I'd scream for hours, faint occasionally at the memory, and be in shock for the following decade.” -Ananda, PA

“Well, actually I use to think that Zac looked a little to goodie goodie to be a kisser, but nowwww... Wow, I take back anything I ever said about that!” -Natalie, IL

“I would be afraid I'd never hear from him again...then I'd be so heartbroken :(” -Megan, OK

"KDFj;LkfdjAivnfJKSDFhansonhansonKISSTOUNGUE WOOOWWWW!" -Roxy, MN

“I would go completely through with it without freaking out...I would savor EVERY second! I know they hate people screaming I'm sure. Plus...when I met them I got no prob there!” -Me (Kat), GA