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The Annual Conference
The CAPAY Symposium is a gathering of students from schools all across Massachusetts. The students, APA and non-APA youth alike, come and take part in this day-long event. The Symposium consists of morning workshops in which students can explore a certain aspect of issue of the Asian American Community and History. Teachers are offered their own choices of activities to participate in as well. Later, the day continues with a performance, lunch, a college fair and several afternoon Action Planning Workshops. The purpose of the Symposium is to open a forum between APA youth so that they can express their ideas and concerns and, with the help of other students, find ways to solve the problems in the community.
Location: UMass Boston, Thurs. March 20th, from 8:30AM - 3:30PM
CAPAY's 10th Year
Theme:"Collide-A-Scope." How our different ideas, perspectives and beliefs collide and shape our views.
Slogan:"Collision of Visions: Gather Our Ideas, Practice Our Knowledge "
If You Want More Information on the Workshops, Email CAPAY

The Workshops for Youth
1993: Call Me Asian
"Look at him... what a FOB! I mean, look at those clothes, and that bowl haircut. There are so many different types of Asians and he had to be the fobbish one? I'm glad I'm not him! I'm a REAL ASIAN!" "A 'REAL ASIAN?' Who do you think you are?

1995: From Temples to Tupac
One generation cannot be any more different than the parents and children of today's APA families. Why do grandmothers always ask if their grandchildren are hungry, or why do parents only expect A's on a report card? Come discover how your history and culture has shaped your families and how 1st and 2nd generation APAs are affected by traditions.

1996: Coming to a Theater Near You
There are images of Asian People on TV all the time (right?). Can you name 10 Asian Pacific Americans who are famous? How about those who are multiracial and of Asian decent? What kind of roles do APA play to those who are multiracial (Kristen Kreuk, The Rock, Rob Snider)? See any differences? Want to learn more?

1997: Go back to Cambodia, Chinaman
One man kills someone, gets jailed for 10 years and is released. Another man commits the same crime, does his time, but the INS takes him in, detains him, and deports him to Cambodia. One is a citizen; the other isn't. Is this fair? Come find out what's happening with the deportation of Cambodian Americans and other immigrants today.

1998: Using Art as a Tool in Activism
Come to this workshop
It is really fun... and stuff
Join us in action

Do you like my haiku? Isn't it cool? You could use these words, or your words, pictures, tunes, and body and make change. Oh yeah!

1999: Why don't you want to learn English???
What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you hear the terms "bilingual education" and "English immersion"? Do you know the reasons behind the support for these programs? In this workshop, you will hear different points of view ranging from immigrant families, to teachers, to the government, and even from your own perspective. Come to discuss this issue and share your own experience as a high school youth.

2000: HEY YOU! I'm going to stand up and change the world. Watch me!
We've heard of the Great Dr Martin Luther King Jr., but that was about 40 years ago. You could be the next Great Somebody. Even Dr. King had to be taught to organize and be an activist for justice. Come learn how young people are becoming the next Dr. King. You could be next!

2001: "No Mom, I don't want to be a ..."
Doctor. Custodian. Engineer. Dishwasher. Lawyer. Cabdriver. Are you destined to follow one of these career paths? Do your parents want you to? What about society? What do you want to be? Come explore different career choices with our panelists and join us afterward for discussion.

2002: Resistance is (NOT) Futile!
Have you ever wondered what it means to be APA? Do you feel pressured to fit into a role that you're not? How do you identify yourself based not only on your ethnicity or race but also on who you are inside? Come discuss these questions and learn about the challenges APA face in today's society.
The Workshops for Teachers
"All in the Family"
Learn more about the dynamics of how an APA youth lives in an Asian family. Come and learn how APA youth and their parents deal with tradition and heritage while growing up in the United States. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge of how teachers and school administrators can support APA youth and their parents.

"A" is for Ally
Adult mentors have a crucial responsibility to advocate for the social, emotional and academic well being of APA youth. Assuming the role of an ally is not only to be informed about the basic challenges that APA youth face, but also to learn how to effectively respond to anti-APA sentiment and intolerance while maintaining the dignity of youth. This interactive workshop will guide you in understanding how to be a strong and supportive ally.

I Never Learned THIS in High School!
Look at your curriculum-- how well are APA voices represented? Does your curriculum reflect the diversity of the United States? Perhaps you've wanted to include APA experiences, history, and literature but never knew where to start. This workshop will provide you with ideas and resources on how to incorporate APA voices into the classroom. With sample lesson plans, advice of teachers in schools, and brainstorming sessions, everyone can learn something new!


The Morning Workshops for Youth
1993: Call Me Asian
1995: From Temples to Tupac
1996: Coming to a Theater Near You
1997: Go back to Cambodia, Chinaman
1998: Using Art as a Tool in Activism
1999: Why Don't You Want to Learn English?
2000: HEY YOU! I'm Going to Stand Up and Change the World. Watch Me.
2001: No Mom, I Don't Want to Be A...
2002: Resistance is (NOT) Futile

Morning Workshops for Teachers
'A' is for Ally
All in the Family
I Never Learned This in High School
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