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Summer Updates

Fri. & Sat. Starting July 25th & 26th
Asian American Children's Book Reading: A free Asian American Children's Book Reading will be given by students in the CAPAY's Summer Youth Organizing Program. Come in, free food and drinks are provided.
Location: Oak Terrace on Friday from 2-4 or Viet-AID Community Center in Dorchester from 12-2
Sat. July 19th to Sun. July 20th
CAPAY Steering Committee/YouthLearn Orientation:
CAPAY's yearly orientation for the new members of the YouthLearn and Steering Committee. This two day orientation helps to train the new members of the SC and YL so that they can effectively run CAPAY next year.
Location: The CAPAY Office, time yet to be determined
Sat. July 26th & Sat. August 9th
The CAPAY Carwash:
One of the first fundraisers that CAPAY does each year. This is one of the major ways that CAPAY kicks off, with lots of fun. The dates & times for this event are subject to change.
Location: North Quincy Shell Gas Station from 9:00AM-4:00PM
Fri. Augsust 15th to Sun. August 17th
The Summer Retreat:
One of CAPAY's premiere activities for the summer. The new SC, YL and General Members will spend a weekend together in order to prepare for the upcoming year. The retreat is full of fun activities and bonding.
Location: Time and Place TBA
Skills Trainning Workshop:
CAPAY will be holding a series of workshops to help youth develop organizing, public speaking and facilitating skills.
Location: Time and Place TBA


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