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CAPAY's Funders & Donors

Thanks to everyone who helped support CAPAY throughout the years. We really appreciate it and hope that you will continue with your generosity!
Asian American Unity Fund
The Boston Foundation's Vision Fund
Boston Women's Fund
The City of Boston's Safe Neighborhood Youth Fund
Fleet Boston Financial's Asian Resource Group
Foley, Hoag, and Eliot Foundation
Greeley Foundation for Peace and Justice
Harmarket People's Fund
Merck Family Fund
Nutter, McClennen, and Fish (anonymous donor)
Peace Development Fund
The Resist Fund
Salute to Educators' Stepping Into the Future

$250 and over
Asian Caucus at Boston College
Bill Hall
Chul and Jung Kim
Lauren Kwan
Regina Lee and Reinaldo Rivera
Kevin So
Debbie Tom-McCray
Linda Wing

Karen Ebbitt
Anna Fang
Maya Honda
Joanna Kao
Alice Stern
Sovereign Bank

$99 and Under
Karen Ebbitt
Anna Fang
Maya Honda
Joanna Kao
Alice Stern
Sovereign Bank

City of Boston Safe Neighborhood Youth Fund
Fleet Boston Financial Foundation (Asian Resource Group)
The Innovation Center, Ford Foundation
The Hyams Foundation
The Haymarket People's Fund
Nutter, McClennan, and Fish, LLP
Youth Venture

$500 and over
Peter Kiang
Stephanie Fan
Harvard Asian student groups
Chul and Jung Kim
Vivian Lee
Reinaldo Rivera and Regina Lee
Karen Suyemoto

$250 - $499
Harvard Ultimate Frisbee club
Rockland Trust-Rich Seng
Rajini Srikanth
Andrew Tran and Mai Du
Linda Wing

$100 - $249
Karen Ebbitt
Anna Fang
Jason Cho
Steve Fernandez
Helen and Dan Ihrig
Joanna Kao
Madhulika Khandelwal
Chong and June Kim
Lauren Kwan
Giles Li
Jocelyn Pan
Doan Quach
Alice Stern
Susan Vu
Alice Stowell

$1 - $99
Mike Blockstein
Jewel Chin
Joan May Cordova
Fred Dow
Ann Flanagan
Anthony and Katherine Jackson
Judy Khy
MyTrinh Le
Nam Le
Todd Lee
Sam and Lucia Lowe
Jeffrey Scott Mio
Howard Smith
Julia Son
Yung Chi Tran
Virak Uy
Susan Wong
Vincent Yee
Aki's Hair Studio
Meg Barber
Craig Bowe
Thomas and Lauria Carty
Marie Celestin
Lei-sanne Doo
Diana Fang
Jessie Foong
Josephine Fang
Paula Fang
Ray Fisher
Albert Gong
Mike Hale
Raya Hom
James Jer-Don
Howard Kahm
Kelley's Hair Salon
Ellen Keng
Terry Kwan
Truc Lai
Trevin Lau
Vivian Lee
Paula Lee
Woong Soon Lee
Ramsay and Joan Liem
Helen Liu
Khiet Luong
Chau Ly
David Myers
Dzung Nguyen
Lai Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen
Carolyn Peter
Sloan Sable
Helen Schulz
Margaret Senneff
Ken Sullivan
Sand T
Danny Teraguchi
Sara Ting
Amy Tran
Patrick Tran
Sing Vivathana
Clare Andrade-Watkins
Shawei Wang
Leverett Wing
Sandy Wong
Grace Wu Chan
Evonne Yang
Cynthia Yee


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