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Mass Mailings
CAPAY's Mass Mailing Events: CAPAY's monthly Mass Mailings happen at the end of each month. The date will be set by the Secretary. Come in and help out.
Next Mass Mailing: TBA
The Flyer
The Flyer is CAPAY's monthly announcement about the upcoming General Meeting. It is usually mailed two weeks prior to the General Meeting date.

The December General Meeting is on Saturday, Dec. 13th. The topic is yet to be announced.
The Informer
The Informer is CAPAY's monthly announcement about upcoming events held in the community. These activities range from art exhibits to Asian festivals to job listings for youth. The Informer is mailed with the Flyer.

The November Informer has already been sent out.
The As I Am Newsletter
The Informer is CAPAY's quarterly newsletter. It serves as a forum for youth to express their opinions, inform others about events and issues in the community and display their creative talents through art and creative writing. The Newsletter is only offered to members.

The next Newsletter should be out shortly. If you would like to contribute artwork or a story, or if you want to request a special copy of the issue, email CAPAY.


The Flyer
The Informer
As I Am Newsletter

The Flyer
The Informer

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