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-2002 August Summer Retreat-

The Process:
This happened in the afternoon after much discussion of CAPAY’s strengths and challenges. We divided up into groups (mixed with youth, adults, and alumni) after coming up with these visions. The groups were mixed, and we were given a Strategic Planning table to use to flesh out the visions by coming up with goals and next steps to accomplish the goals.
(Re)Define Youth Run/Youth-Led

What does this mean?
Defining Employer/Employee relationship between Steering Committee and Coordinator. Seeing what part adult and alumni play as well.

Goal 1: Understand the situation.

Goal 2: Come up with ideas to resolve.

Goal 3: Mtg between YouthLearn + Steering Committee + adults + alumni (a few reps from each group).

Increase CAPAY’s Influence and Impact on the Community

Goal 1: Increase community involvement.
- Work with community
- Identify problem areas that needs help
- Chinatown
- Liberty place
- Bilingual Education (5 yr)-- elimination of bilingual education
- API political participation and the Governor’s race
- Keeping the CAPAY community informed/updated on current events

Goal 2: Increase membership.
- Outreach to different schools, other organizations and peers, especially places where CAPAY is not present.

Goal 3: Increase impact of work.
-Get more funding to run program.
-More grassroots journalism.
-Cultural sharing.

Goal 4: Provide opportunity for other youth to experience programs like CAPAY/ CAPAY itself.
-Networking and outreaching.

Strengthen CAPAY’s Abilities to Make Youth and Adults Feel Powerful to Make Change

Goal 1: To build new skills to make ppl feel powerful.
-Know the different approaches to the problems CAPAY is working on.
-Get trained.
-Take action(do it!).
-Document the process.

Goal 2: Start a $2million endowment.
-Learn about endowments.
-Form a special group of combinations of youths, adults, community leaders, ppl with connections.
-Set goals and deadlines.
-Start getting money $$$$.

Goal 3: To improve and upgrade the CAPAY support system.

Stay Connected to CAPAY and Stay Invested After Graduation.

Create linkage betwen current and old CAPAY people. Allowing current CAPAY youth to utilize the resources that alumni can offer.

Goal 1: Alumni network structure.

Goal 2: Alumni Relations(amongst alumni).
-Alumni websites-concerns with confidentiality.
-Alumni + current youth events.
-Alumni newsletter => current events, updates.
-Working contact list of alumni.
-Keep track of Alumni. -Active recruiting of newly graduated CAPAY youth.

Goal 3: Alumni relations with youth.
- Alumni events
- Mentorship program
- Career info-workshops
- Make alumni feel welcome to return to CAPAY
- Active recruiting of newly graduated CAPAY youth

Next Steps:
Vision 4 can be left up to alumni-a group of them met at the retreat and a few core members resolved to work on this issue.
Need to prioritize the remaining three and figure out how to achieve these visions.
Will need to check in periodically to see how we are progressing and whether we want to change things.
Who’s responsible for the steps?


Vision 1
Vision 2
Vision 3
Vision 4
Next Steps

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