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General Members

General Members are extremely important to CAPAY. Currently, there are about 300 or so General Members in CAPAY from all over the Greater Boston Area as well as the South Shore, North Shore and Western MA. They help us spread CAPAY's message through their school Asian Clubs, Diversity Days and Cultural Fairs.
If you aren't a General Member yet, but would like to join, go to the Join CAPAY page or stop by the CAPAY office to fill out the membership form.
Who the General Members Are
General Members are high school students and college freshmen from all over the Massachusetts area. A person does not have to come from an Asian Pacific American heritage in order to become a part of CAPAY.
What General Members Can Do
Being a General Member doesn't just mean that your name is on the CAPAY membership list. General Members can participate as much as they would like in CAPAY. In the past, General Members have helped facilitate workshops at the Symposium, work on the CAPAY Newsletter and organize activities. Also, General Members are encouraged to join one of the Subcommittees. Subcommittees are composed of 2-3 members of the Steering Committee, who lead the group, and General Members who help to work on the various projects from each subcommittee.


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Who the Members Are
Wha Members Can Do
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