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August 31, 2001

As you may know, CAPAY is a non-profit youth-run, youth-led organization. Our mission statement reads:

"We believe that youth united by a common purpose can make a difference. We aim to establish and maintain a forum for free dialogue and for positive change in our communities. Our initiatives are diverse and include avenues to abolish stereotypes, to educate ourselves and others about Asian Pacific America, to celebrate our heritage, and to improve race relations. Our hope is for all to be able to contribute to society."

We have done many things during the year, such as the monthly general meetings and the Annual Symposium to educate others. We've had a pretty busy summer doing many different things such as attempting to work out our difficult financial situation. We hope to raise about $15,000 by October to cover salaries, bills, project costs and other expenses until other grants come in after October. From now until then, we're trying not to tap into our emergency account, so we have a couple of projects to raise money immediately. At this point you're one of the ones we can count on the most so we were hoping you could help us by donating some money in any amount you can afford and also asking you friends to contribute. Thank you for all your support and your contributions are greatly appreciated. We look forward to a great CAPAY year and we hope to hear from you soon.


CAPAY Steering Committee 2001 - 2002

*Any amount is greatly appreciated, please call the office at 617-287-5658 to make a donation and we will send you a pledge card.*

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