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Empowering Us

The New Program
Empowering Us is one of CAPAY's brand new programs that just started in the fall of 2002.

Empowering Us is a series of workshops and events. As you can tell from the name "Empowering Us," this new program does just that. It is meant to help youth develop their leadership and organizing skills, while at the same time, allowing them to meet new people. Workshops include writing, public speaking, political education and so on. This program will hopefully help the youth get their voices heard. Each workshop will follow a monthly rotation, such as Peer Support will be on the first Tuesday of the month.
Location: The CAPAY Office, every Tuesday from 4:30-6:30PM
The Four Workshops
-Peer Support:
This is run by the youth and adult advisors. Anyone can come in and discuss the issues or problems with school, social life or family. Everything is completely confidential.

-Political and Workshop Trainning: This is a workshop used to inform youth about political issues that affect them. Workshop trainning is incorporated into this as well. The young people will be instructed on how to organize and facilitate workshops.

-Subcommittee Meetings: This is the day when the Steering Committe meets and divides into its subcommittees. Anyone is welcomed to come in and help finish work or just get more involved with CAPAY.

-Social Event: This is a fun day. Come in and hang out or meet new people. This is the best time to come into CAPAY if you have never experienced this organization before.


The Workshops
Peer Support
Political Education
Subcommittee Meetings
Social Events(Party)

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