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html tutorial

This html tutorial with examples is suitable for absolute beginners and advanced users alike, more regular coders should find the faq of interest.
The first part of the html tutorial is written with the absolute beginner in mind and looks at how to code a first document.
The second part of the html tutorial is packed with example html codes, reference material includes a complete guide to html tags a frames tutorial and unusual html effects
The third part of the html tutorial looks at formatting a document with tables.

html tutorial
  lesson 1 html tutorial for beginners
making your very first webpage, start here!

lesson 2 html tutorial adding color
tutorial and examples about adding color and a background image to your first html document

lesson 3 html tutorial text formatting
tutorial and examples about formatting text, selecting fonts, using headings and paragraph's and other html tags for text formatting

lesson 4 html tutorial adding links
tutorial and examples about adding links to your html document

lesson 5 html tutorial adding images
how do i put images on my webpage? the answer to this frequently asked question is right here

lesson 6 the hr tag tutorial
seperate the content of your web page into distinct parts with horizontal lines created with html

lesson 7 html mailto forms tutorial
a condensed simplified tutorial with examples and 'ready to go' cut & paste codes for a simple mailto form and a more advanced form

webspace and hosting
get your website online, choose free hosting, paid hosting or buy an existing domain listed in yahoo

ftp, how to upload files (external link/new window)
ftp, file transfer protocol, how to upload web pages and files

make money
learn how to make money from your website using affiliate programs

html tutorial & faq
  html frames tutorial
templates, tutorial and examples of html frames condensed into one page

how can i disable right click
a javascript code that disables the normal popup menu when a user rightclicks on a webpage

how can i play midi files on my webpage
an example and tutorial about the embed tag

how can i display html tags on my webpage ¿
a tutorial and example of how to display html breakout codes and charts of special characters like ©, ®, non breaking spaces (white space) and <html tags>

drop down menu
webmasters, add a drop-down navigation menu, here's the code

the no-scroll background
how can i stop the background image from scrolling? paste this simple code into the head of your html document

special effects for IE
how can i add those crazy page-enter effects

add search
add a simple lycos or yahoo! search box to your webpage

html tutorial : tools & reference
  html source code generator
an interactive online tool for generating html source code

html taglist
just what it says on the tin, it's a list of html tags

html font list
a list of fonts for use in a html document, are you using safe fonts?

font selector
an interactive webmaster tool, see any font written-out dynamically

216 hex colors
an interactive tool that takes all the work out of finding hex color codes

140 named colors
if you dont like using hex colors use ordinary names like black and white (includes 16 'safe' colors)

page designer
this interactive tool will set-up your page and link colors and even a background graphic

html tables tutorial
  html tables tutorial
every thing you ever wanted to know about html tables


html tutorial css tutorial javascript webmaster articles link exchange

html tutorial

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