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aromatherapy products
Complete Aromatherapy Oils & Supplies
already becoming know as having the largest line of quality bulk herbs on the net, this site offers herbs, foods, supplements, bath and an extensive range of aromatherapy products available to buy online from the comfort of your chair Aromatherapy products include Candles Carrier (Vegetable) Oils Ceremonial Offerings Essential Oil Blends & Samplers Essential Oils Flower Essences Fragrance Oils Incense Massage, Bath and Body Oils Potpourri Refresher Oils Herbs & Foods
Including: Medicinal Herbs Dried Fruit and Vegetables Mixes Gravies Food Powders Baking Products Chinese Herbs Drink Mixes Echinacea Flavoring Syrups & Extracts Ginseng Gravy Mixes (Meatless) Gums & Resins Herbal Baths Mushrooms Onions Rice Salsa Sea Vegetables Soup Mixes (Meatless) Soy Products Sprouting Seeds Supplements and Green Foods Vanilla Beans Craft and Cosmetic Herbs

Aromatherapy Votive Gift Pack Aromatherapy Votive Gift Pack

Contains glass votive holder and 1 votive size candle of Congestion, Energy, Headache, Relaxation, Romance, Tension, and Wellness.

Essential oils from plants share an affinity with the human body. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to assist in balancing, enriching and restoring your body and mind. Experience the benefits or you aromatherapy products--body, mind and spirit! The aromatherapy oils are contained in our unique 'dot' column that runs length of the candle. The oils are evenly dispersed into the air only when the candles is lit, creating a more intense aromatherapy experience. The pure wax interior, plus the center drilled wick, give the candle a longer lasting, more even burn time. Slight 'bleeding' of oils onto top of candle may occur due to the nature of essential oils. The outer wrap around the candle helps prevent eth escape of the oil's beneficial properties. Each candle burns up to 10 hours when burned in an appropriate votive holder.

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