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table backgrounds

adding color and graphics

its easy to add colors and graphics to tables
need help with colors? try this useful tool (new window)
my first table my first table
my first table my first table

all we have to do is add the bgcolor attribute to our <TABLE> and <TD> tags
<TABLE border=1 bgcolor=#FFFFFF> <TR> <TD>my first table</TD> <TD>my first table</TD> </TR> </TABLE>

the code above gives us this
my first table my first table

the background color of the entire table is set to white (#FFFFFF) in the table tag
<TABLE border=1 bgcolor=#FFFFFF>
it is equally simple to add a background image using the background attribute
<TABLE border=1 background="raindrop.jpg">
my first table my first table

it's just as simple to add color and graphics to the <TD> tags
<TD background="raindrop.jpg"> <TD bgcolor=#00FF00>
my first table my first table
my first table my first table

raindrop background - save this to your harddrive rightclick on it and select 'save image as' from the popup menu
  the raindrop background
rightclick on it and save it

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