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html table browser compatibility problems

html table browser compatibility
effects of missing </table>
netscape does not render table
internet explorer assumes table ends at end of document
effects of not using border attribute in table tag
netscape no border, but adds about 2 pixels cellspacing
internet explorer no border, does not affect cellspacing
effects of height attribute
netscape does not work well in nested tables. works for top level table
internet explorer works in both nested and top level tables
effects of missing </td> or </th>
netscape does not render properly if omitted in nested tables. works for not nested tables.
internet explorer supported
effects of empty table cells
netscape does not render borders or background colours
internet explorer renders background colours does not render borders
fix it Use &nbsp; or <BR> in an empty table cell to force a it to be rendered when it is empty
effects of fonts
netscape font tags outside tables do not affect font of table cell contents. fonts defined in styles used outside the table do not apply inside the table
internet explorer font tags and styles outside tables can be used to set the font of table cell contents

notes about table width
if a table cannot wrap its contents to achieve a width as narrow as is specified the browser will render the cell wider than the specified width
if a table contains widths that contradict each other then the behaviour varies between browsers and isn't terribly pretty. generally the table is rendered to the widest of the specified widths.
browsers generally don't like you mixing pixel widths with percentage widths within a single table

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