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display html tags

Q. how do i display html tags < >

to display html tags and special characters like ©, ® and < > on a webpage breakout codes are used, here is an example of how to use these codes and below is a complete reference / guide to the special characters
less than
greater than
non breaking space
double quote
registered trade mark
on some servers these codes are interpreted as ordinary tags, to get around this try using the breakout codes inside the <B></B> tags

example: <B>&lt;</B> <B>&gt;</B>

characters from ISO 8859-1

&#160; &nbsp;     non-breaking space
&#161; &iexcl;  ¡ inverted exclamation mark
&#162; &cent;   ¢ cent sign
&#163; &pound;  £ pound sign
&#164; &curren; ¤ general currency sign
&#165; &yen;    ¥ yen sign
&#166; &brvbar; ¦ broken (vertical) bar
&#167; &sect;   § section sign
&#168; &uml;    ¨ umlaut/dieresis
&#169; &copy;   © copyright sign
&#170; &ordf;   ª ordinal indicator, fem
&#171; &laquo;  « angle quotation mark, left 
&#172; &not;    ¬ not sign
&#173; &shy;    ­ soft hyphen
&#174; &reg;    ® registered sign
&#175; &macr;   ¯ macron
&#176; &deg;    ° degree sign
&#177; &plusmn; ± plus-or-minus sign
&#178; &sup2;   ² superscript two
&#179; &sup3;   ³ superscript three
&#180; &acute;  ´ acute accent
&#181; &micro;  µ micro sign
&#182; &para;   ¶ pilcrow (paragraph sign)
&#183; &middot; · middle dot
&#184; &cedil;  ¸ cedilla
&#185; &sup1;   ¹ superscript one
&#186; &ordm;   º ordinal indicator, male
&#187; &raquo;  » angle quotation mark, right
&#188; &frac14; ¼ fraction one-quarter
&#189; &frac12; ½ fraction one-half
&#190; &frac34; ¾ fraction three-quarters
&#191; &iquest; ¿ inverted question mark
&#215; &times;  × multiply sign
&#247; &div;    ÷ division sign

ISO Latin-1 characters

&Agrave;  À  capital A, grave accent
&agrave;  à  small a, grave accent
&Aacute;  Á  capital A, acute accent
&aacute;  á  small a, acute accent
&Acirc;   Â  capital A, circumflex
&acirc;   â  small a, circumflex
&Atilde;  Ã  capital A, tilde
&atilde;  ã  small a, tilde
&Auml;    Ä  capital A, diæresis/umlaut
&auml;    ä  small a, diæresis/umlaut
&Aring;   Å  capital A, ring
&aring;   å  small a, ring
&AElig;   Æ  capital AE ligature
&aelig;   æ  small ae ligature
&Ccedil;  Ç  capital C, cedilla
&ccedil;  ç  small c, cedilla
&Egrave;  È  capital E, grave accent
&egrave;  è  small e, grave accent
&Eacute;  É  capital E, acute accent
&eacute;  é  small e, acute accent
&Ecirc;   Ê  capital E, circumflex
&ecirc;   ê  small e, circumflex
&Euml;    Ë  capital E, diæresis/umlaut
&euml;    ë  small e, diæresis/umlaut
&Igrave;  Ì  capital I, grave accent
&igrave;  ì  small i, grave accent
&Iacute;  Í  capital I, acute accent
&iacute;  í  small i, acute accent
&Icirc;   Î  capital I, circumflex
&icirc;   î  small i, circumflex
&Iuml;    Ï  capital I, diæresis/umlaut
&iuml;    ï  small i, diæresis/umlaut
&ETH;     Ð  capital Eth, Icelandic
&eth;     ð  small eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde;  Ñ  capital N, tilde
&ntilde;  ñ  small n, tilde
&Ograve;  Ò  capital O, grave accent
&ograve;  ò  small o, grave accent
&Oacute;  Ó  capital O, acute accent
&oacute;  ó  small o, acute accent
&Ocirc;   Ô  capital O, circumflex
&ocirc;   ô  small o, circumflex
&Otilde;  Õ  capital O, tilde
&otilde;  õ  small o, tilde
&Ouml;    Ö  capital O, diæresis/umlaut
&ouml;    ö  small o, diæresis/umlaut
&Oslash;  Ø  capital O, slash
&oslash;  ø  small o, slash
&Ugrave;  Ù  capital U, grave accent
&ugrave;  ù  small u, grave accent
&Uacute;  Ú  capital U, acute accent
&uacute;  ú  small u, acute accent
&Ucirc;   Û  capital U, circumflex
&ucirc;   û  small u, circumflex
&Uuml;    Ü  capital U, diæresis/umlaut
&uuml;    ü  small u, diæresis/umlaut
&Yacute;  Ý  capital Y, acute accent
&yacute;  ý  small y, acute accent
&THORN;   Þ  capital Thorn, Icelandic
&thorn;   þ  small thorn, Icelandic
&szlig;   ß  small sharp s, German sz
&yuml;    ÿ  small y, diæresis/umlaut

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