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how do i get my website online

There are several ways to get a website online. This page looks at three methods.
  • free hosting
    ideal for the beginner
  • paid hosting
    if your serious, start as you mean to go on
  • buy an existing website
    it is actually possible to buy a developed domain that already gets traffic and even with a yahoo listing
free hosting
click here An ideal way for a beginner to get a website online is to use free hosting, however there can be many drawbacks and restrictions, for example banner adds and popups, bandwidth limitations etc. There are still some good free hosting companies out there and one that stands out is who offer a hosting service that is easy-to-use for beginners yet flexible enough for advanced webmasters requiring Perl/CGI, SSI, and Flash capabilities. Features include bucketloads of webspace, form mail which is very, very useful and they offer a subdomain name which means you can use your keyword in your web address, for example,, great for improving your search engine rank. You can also upgrade at any time and get a real domain name (
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paid hosting
If you are planning to go for gold and take your website seriously its worth going for paid hosting, it costs a small amount each month but its quite easy to make your money back and more by joining an affiliate network and placing relevant adds on your site (see the make money page).
I use for my serious website they offer low-cost, premium web hosting with 24hr tech support, a free web-based control panel, and one of the fastest connections on the market. Hosting packages start at $14.95 per month and include more space, bandwidth, and free tools than any other comparably priced plans. I am very happy with their service and have no complaints Visit for more information.

buy an existing website
As mentioned earlier, it is possible to buy a developed domain that already gets traffic and even with a yahoo listing! Go on over to the webs largest auction site and type something into the searchbox like "website" or "domain" (without the quotes). Registration is free at ebay and you can start bidding straight away if you see something you like, click here

a yahoo listing
buy an existing website with a yahoo listing and start off with potentially massive traffic. This isnt that difficult and its what the pro webmasters do. You can buy software and/or registrations to websites with services quite cheaply that can find expired domain names with a yahoo listing. Again try but this time search for "yahoo website" or "yahoo domain" (without the quotes).
Alternatively, another brilliant resource that many proffessional webmasters use is Back-Ordering Expiring Domain Names.
How it works....
You find a yahoo listed domain that is about to expire and deposit around $70 and the domain is monitored day and night and will snap it up for you the instant it becomes available. This is a bargain of a lifetime! If for some reason they fail to secure the domain of your dreams they will of course refund your money without any hassle. click here

SnapNames: Back-Order the name you always wanted but couldn't get.
Which one do you want?
* How do i know if a domain name that i found listed in is about to expire?
you can find details of any domain at the whois database at

* What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data that is used to transfer a Web page (including the HTML, graphics, text, sound files, etc.) from the host server to the person viewing the page. If the contents of the page equals 1 MB, and the page is viewed 100 times in one day, the total bandwidth would be 100 MB.

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