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webmaster tips & tricks articles

mailto magic, the benefits of email

choosing a color scheme

create a custom 404 error document

want a million new targeted visitors?

the basics of asking for a reciprocal link

understanding and using web traffic

good web design

your logo on 1000's of pc's, (the favicon)

keep your visitors coming back

starting your own newsletter or ezine

improving your alta vista search engine ranking

web design myths

keyword density in search engine ranking

my biggest website regrets

keywords and meta tags

html tutorial
Suitable for absolute beginners and advanced users alike, includes interactive tools, a simplified frames tutorial, how to format a document with tables and unusual html effects.

css tutorial
How to enhance webpages with cascading style sheets, a perspective which includes different methods of implementing css and the pitfalls to avoid.

learn how to open new windows, break frames, alerts, back buttons and more

make money
learn how to make money from your website using affiliate programs

link exchange
swap reciprocal links with other websites


html tutorial

css tutorial


make money