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html tables tutorial

html tables tutorial
html tables tutorial
  an introduction to html tables
examples of how to format your page with html tables

add a border to your table
change the color and size of the border

controlling the size of table
how to control the size of your html table, it can be as big or small as you choose

adding html table cells
adding more cells, the td tag

adding more table rows
a brief tutorial about html table rows

colspan tutorial
example of colspan, how to control the amount of cells in each row

rowspan tutorial
how to control the amount of table cells in each column, example of rowspan

formating tables
how to position tables in a webpage and how to format the content inside html table cells

tables and color
add a background image to, or change the background color of the entire table or each individual cell

the html table as a web page
how to use a table as the document body and have a colored navigation panel

horizontal lines using html tables
fast loading dividing lines for your web pages

nesting tables
putting tables inside other tables

html table problems
browser compatibility and other troubles
html table generator (new window)
create tables the easy way with this online table tool

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html tutorial

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