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align in html tables

positioning tables and their contents

this section looks at ways of positioning both tables and their contents, in these examples we look at the attributes valign which is used for vertical alignment, and we also talk about align, used for horizontal alignment
the five tables inside the table below have the align or valign attributes added to their table tags
<TABLE valign="top">

<TABLE align="left">
<TABLE align="center">
<TABLE align="right">

<TABLE valign="bottom">
  • align
  • left
  • center
  • right
  • valign
  • top
  • middle
  • bottom
we can use left, center and right with align
we can use top, middle and bottom with valign

this is an example of the align and valign attributes added to the <TD> tag
<TD valign="top">

<TD align="left"> <TD align="right">

<TD valign="bottom">

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