Why Did I Make This Page?

I have been asked several times why I would create a page such as this. The reason is simple... I have a passion for music, and I care about music. Nirvana cared about nothing. They degraded music into absolute nothingness. They allowed, and still allow, simply by their popularity--- other bands and artists believe that they can do the exact same thing that Nirvana did... and in truth it is not all that difficult... the same awfulness as Nirvana accomplished with absolute ease--- by allowing bands and artists with little if any talent and no production values to take a stand and get record contracts. And by the fans of Nirvana that still listen and worship them... thus contribute wholeheartedly to absolute nothingness at it's finest... thus to allow music to be further degraded beyond any reasonable point, is unacceptable. Yes, there is hope, and yes, there is good in music, and there is also good beyond the moldy swiss cheese wizz with no cheese, only the holes, that Nirvana presented to the music world.

There are not too many bands I despise, hate, loathe or just want to punt them right through a goal post with a smelly foot of a jock strap that has been clinging to a dead brontosaurus, and obviously, Nirvana is one of them. They deserve and need to be put in their place at rock bottom, rather than constantly be worshiped by people whom know nothing about music and obviously have severely limited musical knowledge and or musical experience. Does this mean that I am an expert in the field of music????????? Simply put, no. However, somebody needs to create a homepage such as this to put Nirvana in their place... dead last in the music hall of shame. Am I the right person to do this? Probably not. And the reason being is that I, unlike Nirvana, which gave up far too easily with the music because they were "bored" and "faking it", realize that there is a lot more to the word "improvement". True masters are NEVER satisfied with anything they do. Am I a master at anything? nooooooooooooooooo... I am not.

Why did I make this page?
about me
What makes a great band great?

The one, the only, the plagerists... Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!
Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to?
Did Nirvana stick to their principles?
Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana
Comparing moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless bands and artists to that moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless band Nirvana
What does the music mean to the listeners/ author???????????????
Please do not tell me that I don't get it... I do get it just fine. Thank you very much.
Is there a future without Nirvana?
To sum up...

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