Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to?

The Media


It is so very obvious that the major majority of inexperienced brainless Nirvana listeners are in their teens. They are obviously influenced by their friends, the media, or other forms of communication rather than deciding for themsleves whether or not Nirvana is good.
How's this for a plan??? Listen to the bands and artists that put Nirvana on the map, such as The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and Joy Division, rather than listening to the maggoty little insect pus that Nirvana were.

The Media

The media, such as ridiculous, ludicrous, upsurd, informationless, mags such as The Rolling Stone for the most part only listen and take notice when a band or artist attracts a large following. How long did it take before the Rolling Stone took an interest in Nirvana??? Hmmmmmmmm... it sure wasn't with Bleach. And it certainly wasn't upon the release of Nevermind. It took at least six months after Nevermind reached #1, for the Rolling Stone and other tabloids to pay attention. Now, whom are the tabloids paying attention to? That's right classe', you did indeed get the burger rather than the bacon. The tabloids are most assuredly paying attention to the people whom listen to the music, and not the music, or the bands and artists themselves.
It is also idiot tabloids such as The Rolling Stone that keep intact the memory that they have carefully crafted by putting his mug shot on yet another wasted cover to once again bring up the delusional ghost demi-god they believe he was. Why do they do this? Well, why not cash in yet again and make yet another buck to the groin?

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The one, the only, the plagerists... Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!
Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to?
Did Nirvana stick to their principles?
Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana
Comparing moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless bands and artists to that moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless band Nirvana
What does the music mean to the listeners/ author???????????????
Please do not tell me that I don't get it... I do get it just fine. Thank you very much.
Is there a future without Nirvana?
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