About Me...

About me.
Whom do I listen to?
My musical experience.

About me...

My name is Michael. I am 42 years old, and I live in Orlando, Fl.
I love and listen to music... all forms, all genres. I love the beauty the ugliness, the frailty, the art, that music presents. Music is too precious for me not to. I also love all forms of "art". To find out a little bit more about the defenition of "art", please go to my Introduction page. Film and art are both included. However, this homepage is a music page. It is a Nirvana hate page. If you are interested in my film tastes, then please sign my guestbook to find out what they are.

To me, there is nothing more exciting than to find a band that actually transforms music into an artform. This is so very rare. Most of the bands and artists that I listen to and enjoy do not do this. However, some do.

Whom do I listen to?

I listen to many various artists and bands including Joy Division, Bel Canto, SPK, Diamanda Galas, Pig, Einsturzende Neubauten, Graeme Revell, Ani DiFranco, Peter Gabriel (easily the best concert going experience), Laibach, Bach, Big Black, Mozart, Kate Bush, Count Basie, Jane Siberry, Numb, Bile, Haunted By Waters, Beautiful World, Sacred Spirits, Skinny Puppy, Yello, Lisa Germanno, Deadbolt, Babes in Toyland, Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey, Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, Elaine Elias, Kill Switch Klick, Hawkwind, Stanley Jordan (perhaps the greatest guitar player of all time), The Pixies, The Residents, Razed in Black, Robbie Robertson... the list of bands and artists whom I enjoy goes on and on, well into oblivion. Music is far too precious for me to be only limited to one genre... Why do I enjoy and listen to and enjoy these bands and artists? Simple. Please go to my what makes a great band great page. All bands that I have listed are not great, but good at the very least and they do fit at least one of the critera will be mentioned. Nirvana fits none. And a few of the bands that have been listed, have obviously influenced Nirvana. Duh.

My musical experience.

I have been listening, playing and composing music for almost 30 years now. I do not consider myself a good musician, nor would I want to. However, I do know what it takes to be, and become a good musician. It takes a lot of hard work and effort, constant practicing, effortless care of what you are doing, and always striving to improve. Nirvana did none of these.
I play guitar, bass, sax, flute, keys, and I sing. And I do suck because I do realize that there is always room for improvement.

If you would like to listen to some of my music please go to the Awake to Where... Homepage. I would like and honest opinion of what you think.

Why did I make this page?
about me
What makes a great band great?

The one, the only, the plagerists... Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!
Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to?
Did Nirvana stick to their principles?
Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana
Comparing moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless bands and artists to that moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless band Nirvana
What does the music mean to the listeners/ author???????????????
Please do not tell me that I don't get it... I do get it just fine. Thank you very much.
Is there a future without Nirvana?
To sum up...

YESSSSSSSSSS... that's right kiddies... you can leave me some hate mail...
orrrrrrrrrrrrrr even some love notes...
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