That's right dearest loved ones, Kurt was indeed a THEIF, and a PLAIGIARIST - a true pitted and pruned scar that has plagued music for well over a decade in spite of his rightful demise. Go ahead, just click on the play "arrow" below and find out for yourself!!!!!!

Killing Joke's "Eighties" Nirvana's "Come As You Are"

Whatsamatter? Don't believe your ears? FINE! Don't take my word for it either that Kurt was indeed a plaigarist - a true scrotum soda sucked on plop low life theif! Yep, Killing Joke were indeed suing Nirvana for plaigarizing.

Still don't believe? Yeah, that's right, it's FAR worse than merely plaigarizing one time, as Kurt and Nirvana did it at least twice more!

Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

The Cure's "M" Nirvana's "About a Girl"

Still don't believe your ears, nor me? Simple pimple. Go to your local music store and COMARE SHEET MUSIC!!!!!!!

Plaigarizing is just about as low as you can possibly go in the world of music (like Nirvana were EVER considered "music"????? Surely not on your life!!!! nor to any serious music listener nor to any serious musician.) Yes! Even lower than the vile file of bile of what little boy and girl bands so-called music is.

And as you can see (and read and surely reread if you wish) by searching through this website, Nirvana were FAR worse than plaigarizing.

Within this website there is MUCH more on plaigarizing. There are also many more topics of discustion as well.

Nirvana... without a doubt, the worst band of all time... a band that was nothing more than simpleton commercial plagerism and there surely was no talent, (after all how much talent does it take to merely twang a guitar?????????) passion, (how can you have any passion what-so-ever if you are contiously "bored and "faking it" as Kurt Cobain freely admitted several times) and originality (sorry, everything in Nirvana's case has been done better and far better by far better bands)...

Why did I make this page?
What makes a great band great? The ability to survive time / The ability to change the face of music / What does it take to become a great band? It takes, passion, originality, and talent among many other things / Nirvana does not, and will not, EVER fit any of these listed categories.

Throughout this entire homepage, there will be some questions and statements that need to be rationalized and answered about Nirvana...


The one, the only, the plagerists... Nirvana!!!!!!!!!! Among those Nirvana plagiarized are Killing Joke, Blue Oyster Cult, and The Cure.
Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to? teens and the media
Did Nirvana stick to their principles? the media,the fans and the absolute commercialization of Nirvana.
Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division
Comparing moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless bands and artists to that moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless band Nirvana Journey, Pat Boone, New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice
What does the music mean to the listeners/ author??????????????? If you get something out of the lyrics of Kurt Cobain's, you are interpereting wrongly. Some quotes of Kurt's to prove this are on this page. There are also many dangers of misinterpreting.
Please do not tell me that I don't get it... I do get it just fine. Thank you very much.
Is there a future without Nirvana? The answer is DUH with a very biggggggggg YES!!!!!
To sum up... and what would you have to do to be as smelly, gooey, pre-processed lost cookies as Nirvana was?

links to some very fine bands and artists that even you might actually like

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