Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to and idiot band like Nirvana

The Ramones

The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
Joy Division

First of all Lets get one thing PERFECTLY clear. Now-a-days, there is no such thing as alternative. What you would like to call "alternative" is mainstream. Nirvana were mainstream.

Granted, there was such a time when there was such a thing as "alternative". And there were also some great bands. The ones I am going to mention on this page were obviously Nirvana's bread and butter. Without bands such as Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, Nirvana certainly would have never been... Kurt would be a nobody (as he justly deserves, yes a nobody like me as well if you insist) and peeing in his diapers.

Joy Division

Without a doubt, Joy Division is one of the most influencial bands of all time. If not the greatest rock band of all time, they are certainly one of them.

Yes, they are my choice for the greatest band there ever was. Sooooo do excuse me if I seem a little bi - assed.

Joy Division changed the face of music as we know it. Thousands of bands have been influenced by Joy Division. Joy Division was the first rock band to place the drums and bass a lead instruments, creating melodies on their own, rather than play the typical 4/4 backbeat rhythm that nearly 100% of all rock bands follow today. Hmmmmmm did Nirvana copy Joy Division????? Ummmm duh ummmmm classe' that's right yet once again another hair-brianed scheme of Kurt Cobrians idiot delight was to allow the bass to play a lead melody. Sorry you poor poor in desperate need of good music Nirvana fans, Joy Division was first and better, far better.

Not only did Joy Division change the face of music through their music, thay also did it through the power, hurt, isolasionism, and desperation of the lyrics that lead singer Ian Curtis effortlessly composed.

The lyrics were troublesome back when they were written in 1977 thru 1980, and they stand the test of time like never before, as the "I'm screwed" ideals were founded by Joy Division, rather that the "screw you" ideals of anger which were founded by The Sex Pistols.

Anger is the easiest emmotion to present to anyone. Saddness, loss, desperation, pain and hurt, feelings of everything closing in, are very personal and difficult to present to anyone. After all, whom wants to be friends with anyone if you are constantly sad, depressed, or hurting. Ian Curtis sang with hurt and passion that are so evident in his compositions. And Joy Division presented these emmotions with haunting melodies to make the world seem like a very dark place indeed. Kurt Cobrain was nothing more than a Joy Division wanna-be. All Kurts singing sounds like is a raspy washing machine waiting for a plunger. And yes, the plunger came when Kurt took his life.

Yes, Ian Curtis did indeed kill himself, as well did Kurt Cobain.

The Sex Pistols

Hmmmmmmmmmmm... wow you really have to use some dead brain cells to figure this one out, don't you class?????? = NOPE!!!!!!!!!... Same guitar sound????? = YES!!!!!!!... Oh by the way, notice only after six, 6, yes thats right, more fingers than you have on one hand, yes, six months of playing a guitar how much better sounded better than Kurt could ever sound?????

Oh, but lets not get into the musicianship thingy, we all know that The Sex Pistols were first and better. Instead lets talk about the first band whom admitted they were "bored". But why talk? The being "bored" idea came about with the Sex Pistols... and they were bored with their audiences. Not only were Nirvana bored with his audiences he was bored with his music.

First of all it is easy for a band or artist to be "bored" with the audience. After all, they either like you, they think you are OK, or they hate you. Oh, I did forget, they give lotsa, and lotsa and lotsa and lotsa and lotsa cheers and applause when you play live. Oh, Oh yeah they also want to to shake your fanny.

Being "bored" with your own music, as Nirvana was, is a totally different story. If you are so bored with your own music, welllllllllllllllllll how bout trying to become a musician in the first place, and composing music in a different genre???????? Hmmmmmmmm too hard for Nirvana huh? Duh. Orrrrrrrrrrrr, how bout just giving the music scene up totally? Again... duh. But giving it up was just to hard for Nirvana... wasn't it???? After all, they wanted to suck you dry of your money and your obedience.

Wow class, yet another double standard??? = YEP!!!!!!!!! Nirvana was "bored" with their music while recording Nevermind. And yet they did another album and continued to perform... makes you think doesn't it??????? = YEP.

The Ramones

On an interview with Joey Ramone on MTV about 4 years ago, when David Kendell was hosting Alternative Nation, David Kendell stated to Joey "... so without the Ramones there would be no Nirvana?" and Joey answers "Yeah, it stands to reason."
Now go figure, hmmmmmmmmm thats right get your ole tinker toy of a brain out, yes you ignorant puddled little petless peas of Nirvana, duh. And Joey is certainly right.

Now, lets compare the great Ramones to that panty puke party band Nirvana... OK???????? ready???????? Well first off, Nirvana was at least 15 years behind the times. Notice how similar and simple the guitar riffs are???? Oh and by the way, notice--- did yah notice??? Or better yet compare how similar the guitars sound... that same raw sound... hmmmmmmm... Ohhhhhhhh, oh yeah, I did almost forget, notice how much more talent The Ramones have compared to Nirvana???????... At least The Ramones could play their own material, and play it quite well.

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Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana
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