Did Nirvana stick to their principles?

The media, the fans, and the absolute commercialization of Nirvana.

In other words, did Nirvana practice what they preached????? The answer class is an astounding NO = NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, it is very well known that Nirvana had many times stated they hated the idea of popularity. It is also well known that Nirvana hated the media and what it stood for.

The media, the fans, and the absolute commercialization of Nirvana.

If Nirvana did indeed hate the idea of popularity, the media, and what it stood for, then how come they did everything in their power to become rich and famous and thus encourage the media??????????? How come they did so many videos to be broadcast upon MTV????? Why did Nirvana do performances on MTV and Saturday Night Live????????? Why did Nirvana constantly tour????????? Why did Nirvana do another album after Nevermind?????? No answer to these and many other questions?????? I thought so... The answer is simple. They were after the green stuff called moolah, money, cashola, as well as to be worshiped by idiot fans like yourselves. It is simple, Nirvana commercialized like none other.

As stated earlier in this page, commercialization is absolutely unacceptable, giving the audience EXACTLY what it wants, rather than using actual braincells to continually grow. Something Nirvana had none of.


Folkies, these questions need to be asked of a band that was so awful, yet had the megapower to do whatever it wished. Nirvana lived a double standard. Nirvana said one thing and in turn did something completely different at almost every turn. This is the band you worship, bow, yield and kneel to. Nirvana could have denied their own existence if they wished, and you would still lap it up in their neatly tucked away doggie treats. All Nirvana wanted was your cash and your obedience. It is sad to say, that anyone with the power that Nirvana has had, and in many respects still has, can indeed state things that are contradictory to their supposed standards. Politicians would be crucified if they ever were to admit to something, and do a complete reversal. Case in point, George Bush Sr - remember his "no new taxes" speech?

Don't worry classe' there are more double standards that Nirvana shoved down our throats like we were vegetables awating the moldy stew... please go to... Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana and read the nice little tidbit about The Sex Pistols.

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Did Nirvana stick to their principles?
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