On this, The Official Nirvana Hate page, you will explore and discover in full detail WHY Nirvana was and is the worst band there EVER was. If after reading The Official Nirvana Hate page, and you still like and or enjoy Nirvana for any reason(s) other than entertainment value, then, simply put, you do not respect music in the slightest. And that is possibly the biggest insult to the field of music.
It is very clear that Nirvana is without any doubt whatsoever the worst band of all time. It is not at all hard to see why. On this homepage it will be shown precisely why they were so awful, and why they should not not not not not not not (get the point?) remain in the minds of those whom enjoy that little maggotty, worthless band.
Please understand, I believe it is OK to like and listen to Nirvana, as well as other awful bands and artists that could easily liquefy your innards into the dribble that these band truly are, and you know whom they are. All you have to do is think about it, and be able to play a simpleton twang or honk on any given instrument. So please, for your sake, do not try to defend Nirvana, you can't. If you do not believe me, then continue to view this homepage. If you do believe me, then nothing more need be said.

Have I heard every band there is to hear, you ask? No, I have not. Nor do I need to. It is simple, Nirvana did everything right in which an extrodinary ammount of awfulness took place on every single level, that the odds of someone worse are about 1,000,000,000 to 1 (and no, I am not exagurating in the least, as Nirvana did exagurate everything they ever did) that there is or ever will be a band or artist as sickeningly bad in the past, the present or future.

The information as to why Nirvana is so rediculiously bad is right at your fingietips, for the taking, for the reading and for the listening should you decide to plop-itty-plop-plop the music mentioned on this page onto your devise that plummets music through your ears. This page is just making that information a little easier to access.

Nirvana had no passion, originality, and very little, if any, talent. So how could anyone possibly think for one second that Nirvana is a good band? After all, if there is no passion, originality, or talent... then what is left? Entertainment? Yes. But sorry, music, and any and every art form for that matter goes light years beyond the entertainment factor as it is so easy to find anything and everything entertaining.
To find out a little more about passion, talent, and originality, please go to my and why these are vital factors into making a band good or great, and why Nirvana has none of them, please go to the what makes a great band great page.

To define the word "art" is very difficult because it is an element of many things. It is an element of passion, originality, talent, and entertainment, and I am only scratching the surface. However, it is very easy to say what "art" is not. Nirvana is not art by any means. Art is not a band or artist that has to resort to plagiarizing others, constantly being "bored" and "faking it" with your own music (yes, Kurt did admit these things several times). Art is not simpleton commercialism, nor should art be treated as a money making machine as Nirvana has clearly done.

If you are interested in the bands and artists I listen to and enjoy, please go to the about me. To find out why I like the bands I like, and why I like them, and hate, despise, loathe, nothing bands like Nirvana, please go to the what makes a great band great pages.
A few of the bands that I enjoy, and listen to, have clearly influenced Nirvana. And Nirvana also has indeed plagiarized melodies as well as lyrics from them.

Why did I make this page?
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What makes a great band great?

The one, the only, the plagerists... Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!
Generally, to whom does or did Nirvana appeal to?
Did Nirvana stick to their principles?
Comparing great "alternative" bands and artists to Nirvana
Comparing moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless bands and artists to that moronic and bad, and awful, and trashy, and useless, and worthless band Nirvana
What does the music mean to the listeners/ author???????????????
Please do not tell me that I don't get it... I do get it just fine. Thank you very much.
Is there a future without Nirvana?
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