Optimistic People

Roflmao! The first one is my favourite

All his life he has been a sinner but he is taking harp lessons now.

He is marrying at the age of 70, and is looking for a home near a school.

He is absolutely bald, but he buys hair restorers that have combs with every bottle.

She blames the drycleaners for, her shrunken pants waist band.

He married his secretary, thinking he can continue to dictate to her.

On a $60 a week take home pay, he is marrying a girl, who longs to have 8 children.

When she buys anything, she only looks at the initial payment.

He puts his shoes on when a speaker says, "Now in conclusion".

He asks his wife to do the dishes.

If he fell from the sixtieth floor of a skyscraper, he'd say, "So far so good, at the thirtieth floor".

She looks for eggs in a cuckoo clock.

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